In the southeastern states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, oysters are abundant in the coastal waters. As a result of the large population of wild oysters and oyster farms, oyster roasts are a famous feast for families, parties, and charity events. Seafood lovers can’t pass up fresh bivalves plucked from their backyard. Just what is an oyster roast?

How Do You Make An Oyster Roast At Home

An oyster roast can be done at your home without having to pay high prices for special events or restaurants offering the oyster feast. 

To begin, decide to purchase or harvest fresh oysters. In South Carolina, North Carolina, and South Carolina, oysters must be gathered from designated areas because the water is tested for bacteria levels to ensure safety. 

Once the oysters have been acquired through fishing or purchasing from a store, prepare the grill to roast the oysters by heating the grill to 350 degrees and cleaning the grates. 

Soak burlap or a towel in water before placing the oysters on the grill. Once the oysters are laid out on the heated surface, cover the oyster with the soaked towel or burlap. 

After the oysters are entirely covered, close the grill’s lid, monitor the temperature to ensure it stays at 350 degrees, and roast the oysters for ten to twelve minutes.

Once the time has expired and the oysters have opened, remove the oyster from the grill with tongs and place them on a platter suitable for high heat to avoid the pan from melting. 

How Many Oysters Do You Need Per Person

The general rule is six oysters per person. Keep in mind that some families and guests will consume far more than six while others will consume less. On average, make sure to catch or order a minimum to cover six oysters for each of those eating the fresh catch.

What Food Goes With An Oyster Roast

Rather than dirtying the kitchen in addition to the grill area, all sides can be prepared outside on the grill.

A straightforward option is corn on the cob. Fortunately, the corn does not require to be husked before being placed on the grill. Remember, soak the corn in water and then grill for thirty minutes on the top rack. You and your guests can husk them fresh off the grill.

Another good choice is grilled bread. Slice fresh bread, coat each side in olive oil, season it with Italian spices, and place the slices on the top rack. The freshly cooked oysters pair well with grilled bread.

What Sauces Are Served To Dip Oysters Grilled In An Oyster Roast

The oyster connoisseur has a wide range of sauces that are preferred when feasting on freshly cooked oysters.

Much like shrimp, cocktail sauce is a must when serving up roasted oysters. Fortunately, the sauce is simple to make or can be purchased at the grocery store.

In addition to the cocktail sauce, prepare a mignonette sauce, most notably because of the taste but secondly because of the colorful presentation. 

Lastly, horseradish, saltine crackers, melted butter, and sliced lemons should also be present on the table. The toppings are highly dependent on the personal palate. 

How Do You Purchase Oysters Outside Of The Coastal Regions

We understand that not everyone has access to catch oysters. While shoppers can purchase oysters from a grocery store, there are other options available.

Oyster lovers distinguish subtle taste differences between varieties of oysters. Rather than purchasing from a grocery store, order the bivalve of choice shipped directly from the farm to your house. 

On the rare occasion that friends and family can gather, purchase the highest quality and best tasting oyster for your oyster roast online.

Are You Prepared For Your Oyster Roast

The unique part about oyster roasts is the fact that they are simple no-frills meals. Remember, don’t break out the china because plastic plates and cutlery will do just fine. Ice down the cold beer and turn up the outdoor speakers while dining in the backyard because the meal gets messy. Take advantage of the time with family and friends because oyster roasts don’t happen as frequently as they should.