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Story Behind Anchors Up Carolina

Anchors Up Carolina was started as a way to share a passion for living on the water and spending time with our Anchors Up.


Shawn has been fishing since he was born and eventually became a 200 Ton Licensed Captain. After years spent working in the industry, Shawn left to run several of his own businesses. Today he is the lead writer for Anchors Up and is continually searching and creating valuable content for readers. If you want insider tips as to the best fishing spots in Savannah, this is your guy.


Britt is Shawn’s wife of almost nine years and has no problem admitting to the fact that she has caught the largest shark of anyone in the house. Britt is a former Professional Golfer and full-time writer and enjoys working to make Anchors Up the best that it can be. Britt has had a love for fishing from the time she was five years old, but her love for the Savannah area and living near the water maybe even stronger.

Mack and Finn

Mack (7) and Finn (4) are expert contributors to the Anchors Up team. With their insight, we can answer some really great questions and work together as a family to see this blog grow. When they develop ideas for blog posts and guides, you can bet they are taken seriously, even if the most recent suggestion was, “What Is A Boat.”


Anchors Up

Frequently Asked Questions

When Was AnchorsUp Carolina Founded?

AnchorsUp Carolina began in 2020 when Shawn and Britt both realized that it was time to mix their love for writing, business development and live on the water. 

Who Is The Expert When It Comes To Fishing?

Everyone on the Anchors Up team likes to think they are the expert when it comes to fishing and boating advice, but this award has to go to Shawn. Shawn truly has a passion for being on the water and when you are around him you will understand. 

Where Is Anchors Up Based?

We are currently living off the coast of Georgia, so quite a few of the images that we will share or the fishing advice we will give will be related to Georgia. Having owned businesses in South Carolina and traveled extensively through North Carolina, a lot of our content is also based on the areas that we have personally been.

Does AnchorsUp Carolina Do Reviews Of Products and Equipment?

Absolutely, as we grow the website, we will feature more and more of our favorite products. If you want to get in touch with us and have us try something you created, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

The Anchors Up Contributors

Shawn O
Founter & Author
Britt O
Author & Founder