Two of the most highly sought-after oysters for seafood lovers are the misty point oysters and the wellfleet oysters. These two varieties find their way on menus across the United States. Shellfish taste tremendous and provide nutritional benefits. What is the difference between a misty point oyster and a wellfleet oyster?

What Are The Benefits To Eating Oysters

Shellfish are packed with nutrients. The meat in the shell has high levels of protein, reduces bad cholesterol, helps strengthen the body’s immune system, develops higher red blood cell counts, and packed with minerals to keep you healthy.

Why Are Wellfleet Oysters So Good

The wellfleets oysters are so good because they have a mix of a sweet taste that combines with a creamy texture and brine. Wellfleet oysters taste is delicious because they are very clean due to the tides that flow through the beds twice per day, supplying them with the nutrients they need to grow plump and remain clean.

The wellfleets come from some of the same waters as blue point oysters. Each of these types of oysters are harvested in the northeast. Therefore, when comparing wellfleet vs blue point oysters the blue point oysters taste is comparable.

Where Is The Misty Point Oyster From

The misty point oyster is harvested from the eastern shore along Virginia’s barrier islands. The northern end extends up to Fenwick Island and culminates in the Chesapeake Bay to the south.

For the freshest oysters available dine on misty point oysters Virginia when visiting the states coastal regions.

In What Family Are Well Fleet And Misty Point Shellfish

These two types of oysters belong to the eastern oyster family, otherwise known as the Atlantic oysters. The most popular in the Atlantic group are the blue points that are primarily out of New York, beausoliel from Canada, and the wellfleet and misty point.

How Do Misty Points Taste

The misty point oysters are small in size. Despite their size, they have a wonderful flavor. Expect a firm texture with a sweet and briny flavor. Expect to order extra because they are not overly filling like some of the larger varieties.

Are Oysters Alive When you Eat Them

The question is frequently asked are oysters alive when served? The answer is yes, oysters are alive when they are served on the half shell. It is not safe to eat this type of shellfish if it has died because of bacterial growth. Encountering bad shellfish is very rare. Oyster farms are required to complete water tests frequently to ensure that bacteria levels are low.

There are some safety precautions that restaurants and oyster bars take to ensure that patrons don’t get sick from oysters. It is a smart idea to consider where you are ordering your oysters from. If you are at a seafood restaurant on the outer banks of North Carolina, you should be just fine.

How To Find Oysters Near Me

Finding a restaurant that serves fresh shellfish is simple. Utilize a computer or phone and search oyster bar near me or raw oysters near me. A list of options will be available. Check the location and read the reviews before heading out the door.

How Much Does It Cost Per Dozen

Most restaurant patrons order them by half dozen or dozen. The cost may vary seasonally because of the type of shellfish that are available. Typically you can expect to pay twelve dollars for six on the half shell and twenty-four for twelve. When ordering large quantities, the final check can add up to a pretty hefty amount, so be aware of how quickly you are consuming them.

If you want to find a great deal on oysters, you will have to harvest them recreationally. It is essential to check the local regulations before doing this. Harvesting oysters in Savannah or Charleston are going to be two different things likely.

In addition, as we know with most seafood, it is always going to be a better deal to prepare the food yourself as opposed to a restaurant. However, many people find that the flavors and texture of the oysters found in restaurants can be better. Indeed, there is an art to preparing and eating shellfish, and it may take a while to get it down.

Can You Really Taste The Difference Between Oysters?

Oysters have a bit of an acquired taste. When you start eating them more frequently, you will find that you can distinguish between different types of oysters. It would take a professional to identify the oysters by name without being told.

However, some people will learn that they have certain oysters that become their favorites. The Wellfleet is well known as being a favorite among those that can find them. Essentially oyster eaters will taste the sweetness and the brine and develop favorites based on their taste pallet.

Don’t assume you will be a pro after leaving your first oyster bar. It takes a bit of time to get this process of oyster tasting down.

So Its Time To Try Wellfleet Or Misty Point Or A Combination

Whether you are headed to a restaurant, recreationally harvesting, or visiting a fish market, you won’t be disappointed with the taste of wellfleets vs misty point oysters. The flavor and freshness are hard to pass up. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or trying them for the first time, misty points and wellfleets oysters will be at the top of your list.