Whether you are a local to the Charleston area or visiting from out of town, it is no secret that the area is known as a dining destination. The city offers every type of cuisine imaginable, but most notable is the seafood. The inshore and offshore waters of the peninsula are an excellent resource for local dining establishments, including the harvesting of shrimp. Which restaurants offer the best shrimp tacos in Charleston, South Carolina?

Why Should You Eat Shrimp Tacos In Charleston

If you have never had the opportunity to eat fresh shrimp for local commercial fishing vessels, you are missing out. The South Carolina shrimp harvesting season runs between August and January; therefore, the restaurants are preparing local fresh-caught shrimp on the tacos they serve. 

It is no hidden secret that the commercial shrimp boats call the Charleston area home, so the unloaded crustacean is delivered fresh daily during the season. The taste of frozen white shrimp versus fresh caught white shrimp is easy to recognize.  Make sure to savor the freshness of local shrimp. 

What Are The Best Shrimp Taco Restaurants In Charleston, South Carolina

When selecting the best shrimp taco restaurants in Charleston, place these three at the top of the list. Not only are the shrimp tacos delicious, but the ambiance is equally as impressive.

Hymans Seafood

Just steps from the City Market in downtown Charleston is Hymans Seafood. Hymans is not only a highly regard seafood restaurant but also sits in a building that dates back to the 1890’s

Locals and tourists stop in to dine on local seafood from the extensive list of menu options. Fortunately, cruise passengers can add Hymans to their list because the ship docks within walking distance. 

Hymans Seafood makes the list because of the three types of shrimp tacos they serve. Hyman’s serves fried, buffalo, and BBQ shrimp tacos. The restaurant serves hefty portions, including three tacos and a side of hush puppies and coleslaw. 

RuRu’s Tacos And Tequila

One of the more recent restaurants to enter the Charleston market is RuRu’s. The Mexican restaurant is positioned on East Bay Street, front and center to the city’s heart. 

RuRu’s branched out from Charlotte and opened the Charleston store in 2019. The restaurant’s interior provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, RuRu’s stocks top-shelf tequila to pair with a shrimp taco. 

Despite the portion size, the shrimp tacos are delicious. The warm flour tortillas are topped with shrimp, cilantro, pico, lettuce, and chipotle aioli. For a Mexican flair, stop into RuRu’s.

Henry’s On The Market

Henry’s is also front and center to all the action. However, you will quickly realize that there is more entertainment going on inside the doors than the outside. 

Henry’s On The Market features a rooftop bar, whiskey lounge, live music, and excellent food to coincide with all of the fun. The bar and restaurant offer a band calendar on the website to learn about who is playing and when. 

Order up the Southern Shrimp Tacos. The two tacos come stuffed with pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, slaw, and sweet chili sour cream. For both great shrimp tacos and entertainment to go along with your dining experience, check out Henry’s. 

Are You Going To Venture Out In Charleston For Shrimp Tacos

The primary reason that Charleston serves up amazing shrimp tacos is that the crustacean is delivered fresh to the kitchen seasonally. Although we have recommended a few of our favorites, the city is loaded with other options that will certainly please your taste buds. Although while you’re here, sample up the local oysters. Head out in Charleston for the opportunity to eat shrimp tacos.