One of the most historic cities in the southeast and, most notably, a great boating destination is Savannah, Georgia. The inland waters have abundant sea life, including dolphins that venture through the meandering creeks between the marshes. Even more notable are the barrier islands, which divide the open seas from the inland waterways. Choose the best fuel dock near me in Savannah, Georgia.

Why Do Boaters Fill Up Boats With Gas From Marina Gas Stations

Boaters fill up boats from marina gas stations to avoid dragging the boat out of the water when they are docked in a marina slip. However, owners who store vessels on trailers frequently refuel on the water because marinas pump higher grade fuel which is more friendly on the engine. 

While convenience is a factor, transient boaters drive the majority of fuel sales for marina gas pumps. Keep in mind, when traveling up or down the coast, captains or owners must fuel along the journey. 

Why Is A Fuel Dock Near More Expensive Than A Gas Station

A fuel dock is more expensive than a gas station for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is the convenience for the boater. Owners avoid removing a vessel from the water to add fuel; instead, they depart the slip and secure the boat to the fuel dock. 

A second reason that pump prices are higher on the water is the quantity of fuel or gas ordered per delivery. Fuel docks, except for yacht service centers, request small amounts of gas or fuel because of lack of demand. Unfortunately, gasoline which sits begins to break down. 

In addition to reduced quantities, marinas are tucked back in hard-to-reach places away from major highways; therefore, prices are higher at the pump. 

Lastly, the quality of gasoline is superior to most land-based pumps. Fortunately,  the majority of marinas offer ethanol-free or reduced ethanol gas because of the harm it causes to outboard engines. 

What Are Some Highly Rated Fuel Docks In Savannah, Ga

Fortunately, you won’t have a hard time finding a fuel dock in the Savannah area. We have utilized many gas pumps on the water, and therefore we have compiled a list of the top three in Savannah based on both fuel quality and amenities such as bait and bathrooms. 

Landings Harbor Marina

Located on the northern end of Skidaway Island and just a short run to the open waters of the Atlantic ocean is Landings Harbor Marina.

The marina is in a private golf and boating community called the Landings. Inside the narrow entrance is a small fuel dock with two pumps. Use caution when enter, maneuvering inside of the basin, and exiting.

Marina staff is on hand to assist you with both dockage and fueling. For your convenience, restrooms are steps away, in addition to a store with drinks and bait. 

Thunderbolt Marina

The largest marine center in the Savannah area is Thunderbolt Marina. Thunderbolt is not only a fuel dock but a full-service shipyard.

Thunderbolt Marina is further inland than Landings Harbor Marina on the Willmington River. However, the service center is challenging to miss because the numerous mega yachts are secured to the dock or hauled out for service.

As a result of the volume of vessels Thunderbolt Marina handles per year, the marine center offers the lowest gasoline and diesel fuel prices in the Savannah area. 

Isle Of Hope Marina 

When traversing the Intercoastal Waterway north or south, you will run past Isle of Hope Marina in Savannah. 

The fuel dock is just feet away from the channel; therefore, filling up will not cost you time, only money. Remaining on course with minimal time delays will allow you to see more of what the coastal region has to offer. 

Attendendents are on staff to assist with filing diesel or gasoline. In addition to refueling, the marina offers transient dockage, short-term slips, a marine store, and, lastly, excellent restaurants within close proximity.  

What Are The Best Places To See By Boat In Savannah, Georgia

There are many great places to visit in Savannah which are only accessible via boat. Consider these options.

Sharktooth Island

Sharktooth Island divides the South Channel of the Savannah River from the busy shipping lanes opposite of the island. The opposite side is called the Savannah River.

The small island is notorious for unearthing shark’s teeth, both big and small. As a result, kids and adults have the opportunity to go treasure hunting for fossils. 

One important note is to visit the island at low tide. Keep in mind that the beach is covered in water at high tide, rendering the ability to find treasures useless. Therefore, plan your trip in accordance with the tides. 

Wassaw Island

One of the prettiest beaching destinations is this sea island which divides the open ocean from the inland water is Wassaw Island. The National Wildlife Refuge is managed by the Fish and Wildlife Services in Chatham County. 

Wassaw Island is navigable by boat on the north and south ends. On either side of the island are white sand beaches to access once the vessel is securely anchored. Keep in mind that the currents are swift, so caution must be taken.

In addition to beach access, the island features a government dock in Wassaw Creek. Take the opportunity to explore the 20 miles island trails in their entirety by foot or bike. While exploring, keep an eye out for deer, alligators, wild boars, and even nesting sea turtles.

So Visit A Fuel Dock Near Me In Savannah, Georgia

There is so much to see by boat in the Savannah area, whether you are local or visiting from out of town. Avoid the headache of searching for a fuel dock near me and utilize any of the top three we recommend here in Savannah. These options are well trusted because of the quality of fuel, the marina staff service, and the amenities. Remember, don’t forget to pick up ice, drinks, snacks, and bait while you’re pumping gas.