One of the most popular fishing and boating destination in South Carolina is Santee Cooper. Sante Cooper lake is a combination of two separate lakes. The first is Lake Marion, and the second is Lake Moultrie. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Sometimes boat owners run into the unexpected, which is a mechanical issue that prohibits the ability to get out on the water. How to find boat repair near me in Santee Cooper, South Carolina. 

Why is it vital to have a mechanic you can trust

A trustworthy boat mechanic can be hard to come by. Many factors go into finding a professional company that will adequately service your vessel. 


We all expect quality service at a fair cost. Beyond competitive pricing, a mechanic should outline the areas of concern, address what is needed, and not add unnecessary costly recommendations. 

Repair time

It is challenging to be left high and dry during the prime boating season. Marine repair shops can quickly become backed up but generally move through work relatively quickly. Ask about the turnaround time to get you back on the water. 


While we don’t want to overpay, it’s essential to find a repair shop that hires certified technicians, even if it means paying a little more than someone who is not qualified. An improper repair can land you back in the shop or, even worse stranded out on the water. 

Are mobile boat mechanics available

Mobile boat mechanics are readily available to service your boat. Don’t worry about trailering the boat or having it picked up for a marina, let the mechanic come to you. 

How do you find a mobile marine mechanic

Finding a marine mechanic who will come to you is an easy task when using the internet on your phone, computer, or tablet. In the search engine, use any of the following search terms for a complete list.

Mobile boat mechanic

Mechanic near me

A Mobile boat mechanic near me

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Mobile marine mechanic

Chose from these three boat repair near me in Santee Cooper

Here is a list of the three most highly rated mechanics near Santee Cooper when choosing a boat mechanic near me.

Meares Marine

Meares Marine has the best location if you’re boating on Lake Marion. They are situated on the shores of White Oak Branch on the southeastern section of the lake. If your boat is running and you need a noncrucial part, pull up to dock, pick up what you need, and fuel up while you’re there. 

The dealership and service center has been in business since 2014. The technicians are factory trained and are certified. They offer dockside services like diagnostic checks and battery changes. Drive the boat up for full service or trailer it in for more severe issues. 

Berkeley Outdoors

Located near the shores of Lake Moultrie is Berkely Outdoors. They have been in business since 2009 and are well known in the area. They are specialists in the maintenance of bass boats in particular. 

Beyond just the Monk’s Corner location near Lake Moultrie, they have a second store in Columbia, South Carolina. Depending on if you are staying near Lake Moultrie or Lake Marion, check and see which is closer. Both stores have a wide selection of parts and fishing gear. 

Marshall’s Marine

This dealership and repair center is a bit of a drive. Marshall’s Marine is situated in Lake City, just forty-five minutes from the center of Lake Marion. Don’t be discouraged by the distance. They offer a wide range of services. 

Marshall’s Marine has a vast selection of parts if you’re in a pinch. Beyond the parts department, they offer outboard service, fiberglass repair, electrical troubleshooting and repair, electronics installations, and trailer repair. 

So what is the best boat repair near me in Santee Cooper, South Carolina

When the boat has an unexpected issue, or you need boat supplies or parts, our top pick is Marshall’s Marine. They are undoubtedly the longest drive but are the most well-outfitted shop for a significant boat or trailer repair. If your needs are minimal, stop into Marshall’s Marine or Berkeley Outdoors. Don’t trailer the craft in and not have the opportunity to use it because of a mechanical issue that can be fixed while you’re in town.