There is no better way to explore the low country of Savannah, Georgia, by water than aboard a kayak. The sights, sounds of the wildlife, and gentle inshore waters are a treat for locals and tourists alike. One of the most notable tour agencies in the area is the Moon River Kayak tours operated by Bull River Cruises. Here is what you need to know about booking and exploring the coastal waters with Moon River Kayak Tours. 

Where Is Moon River Kayak Tours Located

The kayak tour company is positioned at the base of the Diamond Causeway bridge. If you have crossed the bridge to Skidaway Island you have gone too far.

Moon River Kayak is thirty minutes from downtown Savannah in the Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp parking lot. The boat ramp is notable because it is home to Butter Bean Beach on the shore of the Skidaway River. 

What Sites Can Be Seen On The Moon River Kayak Tour

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that both novice and experienced kayakers can participate by renting or booking a tour.

While rentals are available independent of a tour, the tour guides steer the paddlers through calm and narrow marsh-lined waterways along the Skidaway Island State Park banks or other nearby islands. 

During the guided tour or rental, you will see abundant wildlife, including dolphins, blue herons, osprey, bald eagle, wild boar, deer, raccoons, and more. Additionally, the tour stops on an uninhabited island to get off the kayak and walkabout. 

The tour guides are friendly individuals who have extensive knowledge of local waters, wildlife, sealife, and history. Savannah is notorious for its long history dating back to the early seventeen hundreds. 

When renting, you have the opportunity to carve your path through the winding creeks just minutes from the Moon River Kayak launch. 

What Does The Moon River Kayak Tour Or Rental Include

Whether renting or utilizing the guided service offered, the fee includes a kayak, paddle, and life jacket. Arrive thirty minutes early so that the helpful staff can fit you properly for the safety gear and equipment.

However, remember to pack sunscreen, hydrating drinks, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, and a camera. You will not want to leave these items back on land because they provide additional comfort. 

Lastly, when booking a tour, it is recommended to leave the guide a tip for bestowing knowledge and steering you safely through the waters. 

How Do You Book A Tour Or Rental With Moon River Kayak

The kayak rental agency does not staff the location during business hours. The company does not allow walkup reservations. Book a reservation in advance.

Booking is accomplished online by visiting the calendar on the Moon River website. Keep in mind, online reservations close when planning a trip within 24 hours. The company asks that you call and schedule when inside of twenty-four hours. 

To save time, complete the liability release form before arriving at Butter Bean Beach for your scheduled kayak tour. 

What Other Services Does Moon River Kayak Offer

In addition to kayak rentals, the company offers public and private guided tours aboard two separate power boats. 

The tour options include sunset cruise, dolphin excursion, eco-adventure, Savannah River tour, Ossabaw Island exploration, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, and more. With all of the options available, you will find something of interest to you. 

Are You Ready To Book A Tour

Whether you are local looking for a new experience or traveling in from out of town, take the opportunity to venture on the cities waterways. During the tour, you will spot abundant wild and sea life in addition to burning calories while paddling along the creeks, marshes, and rivers. Lastly, remember that no experience is required.