Without a doubt, one of my favorite vacations is visiting Blowing Rock, North Carolina. As a resident of coastal Georgia, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a getaway during the hot summer months because of cooler days and nights. 2023 was our fourth year staying at the Blue Ridge Mountain Club. I’ll admit we stayed elsewhere once but did not have the same experience. Here is my experience staying at the Blue Ridge Mountain Club in 2023. 

Things To Do At Blue Ridge Mountain Club

When visiting Blue Ridge Mountain Club, you will have no shortage in finding things to do. That said, it is essential to take time to relax and enjoy the scenery. 


The club property is densely wooded and has multiple mountain streams, and for this reason, the club cleared over 50 miles of hiking trails to access it all. 

We have hiked the trails from our very first trip and continue to do so today. One of our favorite hikes is the Blue Hole Trail. The Blue Hole Trail, is moderately challenging based on the slope but offers an amazing reward when you reach the bottom. At the end of the trail is a deep blue water natural pool fed by a waterfall and stream below. For this reason, hikers have the opportunity to take a swim and cool off. In 2023 we visited at the end of May, and unfortunately, the water was too cold to enter. Conversely, in July of 2022, I was able to swim because the water temperatures were warm. 

You will not need to be concerned about getting lost when hiking at the club. All of the club trails are well marked. I recommend wearing comfortable clothing and packing plenty of water and snacks. 

Sports Activities

My family and I are active when it comes to participating in sports, whether we are at home or on vacation. 

The Blue Ridge Mountain Club features the Watson Gap Park And Pavilion. Here you will find two pickleball courts, a basketball hoop, a bocce court, horseshoes, and more. Unfortunately, on the most recent trip, we left our pickleball gear back home but fortunately, the club offers a bin full of gear, including paddles and balls. During our 4 night stay, we played pickleball two times and never had trouble getting a court. Also in this area is a nice pavilion with seating, a fireplace, restrooms, a pool table, and more. 

If sports and hiking aren’t enough, the club has the Ascent Wellness And Fitness Center in the Village At Watsons Gap. Admittedly, I don’t use the gym because I have plenty of steps from hiking and playing sports; however, the gym is well-equipped and offers a fantastic view. 

Lastly, the club property offers excellent trout fishing in the creeks. Although I did not fish on my trip, I watched trout swimming in the streams. It should be noted that access is not easy. Pack light when hiking with fishing gear or rent a UTV and find the best access road to a fishing location. 


While the community has ample opportunities to remain active, it is essential to take time to relax and enjoy the expansive mountain views. We stayed in the area of the Village At Watsons Gap. This highly elevated area of the club features mountain views on all sides. In fact, the views extend out to 50 miles. 

Not only do all properties within the community offer a view, but there are numerous lookout points where you can park the car and sit in the chairs the club offers. Our vacation rental in the Village At Watson Gap Craig building offers phenomenal views from the elevated outdoor deck. 

Admittedly my wife and I would prefer some more time to enjoy the views, but we are most often on the go with two kids. I highly recommend finding time to sit back and take in the mountain terrain during your stay. 

Dining At Blue Ridge Mountain Clubs The Lookout Grill

One of the best experiences at staying with the club is dining at The Lookout Grill. The Lookout Grill is perched high in the mountains at the Village At Watsons Gap. 

During each of our stays, we have dined at the restaurant. It should be noted that the restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday; therefore, plan your stay accordingly. 

 We dined outside on our most recent stay at a high top table next to the outdoor bar. Not only was the food excellent, but so was the staff. Admittedly, the menu has become more limited in comparison to previous years. With that being said my wife and I still found options we would enjoy. 

My wife and I split a smash burger with fries and a chicken quesadilla on this particular night. The kids split the children’s chicken finger basket. We paired our meal with Giggle Switch IPA’s from Southern Pines Brewing Company. 

To our surprise, we were offered free desserts. The family and I split banana pudding and a chocolate strawberry cake. In total, the dinner for four was just under 49 dollars. 

Blue Ridge Mountain Club Rental Properties

On all but one of our stays we opted for the condos in the Craig building at The Village At Watson Gap. On one other occasion, when rented a house when additional family was joining us. 

Notably, we used Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals during our 2023 stay. Previously we had always used Carolina Cabin Rentals. With that said, we made the change because the Craig unit we stayed in two previous times was unavailable. 

My family and I are very happy with the condo as it offers a more spacious floor plan than the adjacent rental we previously stayed. Craig 301 features two bedrooms with king beds, two bathrooms with showers, a dining room, a living room with fireplace, a large kitchen, and an outdoor deck with a fire table, couch, table, grill, and amazing view. 

It should be mentioned that the condo also has a stackable washer and dryer. As a family, we run laundry consistently, so we find this important when we pick a place to stay. 

One negative was that Blue Ridge Mountain Rentals never notified me that the rental was ready despite their promise. Instead, we tested the door code to enter the building and the unit and were able to enter. By the way, the Craig complex is highly secure. 

What To See In The Town Of Blowing Rock, NC

One of the most quaint mountain towns in North Carolina is Blowing Rock..Blowing Rock offers a mix of shopping and dining along Main Street and the adjacent side street. 

My wife, kids, and I, during our stay, ventured into Blowing Rock on a foggy day because we could;t enjoy the views from our rental or common areas within the club. 

During our time spent in the town we walked Main Street and visited the shops. My son, who enjoys wood working enjoyed visiting High Country Woodworks. High Country Woodworks offers hand made furniture, cutting boards, and home decorations. 

After strolling the town without question, we were hungry, so we stopped in at Hellbender Bed & Beverage. A friend back home in Georgia gave us the recommendation who frequents Blowing Rock. The kids had lunch earlier in the day so we ordered a basket of sweet potato fries while my wife and I split the Adult Grilled Cheese. Unquestionably I recommend ordering the Adult Grilled Cheese. The ingredients were fresh, and it tasted delicious. On top of it all, the staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. 

Main Street is also home to a large playground. After lunch, we strolled over to the playground for the kids to run around, climb, and slide.

Feeling that our time spent in the town of Blowing Rock was not done, we walked over to Blowing Rock Brewing Company. In addition to home brewed beer, the brewing company has an extensive food menu. I’ll admit, I have had Bowling Rock Brewing Company before and don’t prefer it compared to other local breweries. During our most recent visit, I had the same feelings towards the taste. 

Blue Ridge Mountain Club In Review 2023

Without question, we will be back again in 2024 to stay at the Blue Ridge Mountain Club. My family and I enjoy all that the community has to offer in addition to the town of Blowing Rock. During your stay, be sure to eat at The Lookout Grill.