Outside of historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, is a small beach positioned on the inland waters. More specifically, the sandy area accessible to the public sits on the banks of the Skidaway River. The beach is called Butterbean Beach. Beachgoers flock to Butterbean to escape the heat of the summer months. However, there is more than just beaches offered here. Learn more about what to do at Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga.

Is Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga Real

Yes, Butterbean Beach in Savannah, Georgia, is real. While beach real estate is limited, it is best to visit during low tides to maximize the amount of exposed beach. During high tide, much of the sand becomes submerged below the surface. Check Savannah tides before venturing to the banks. 

The beach offers ample parking space in addition to a covered pavilion. The covered pavilion allows beachgoers to escape the heat of the sun while eating lunch or catching a nap. No need to leave for a bathroom break. Public restrooms are onsight. 

In addition to beaches, the parking area is also home to the Rodney J. Hall boat ramp featuring two boat launches and a fishing pier. 

When you become bored from the beach, stroll over to Bandy’s Bait Shop. The full-service store sells live shrimp, tackle, and more.  Cast a line from the fishing pier. Remember, the beach, pier, and tackle shop are all within steps from each other. 

When you’re looking for beaches near Savannah Ga explore Butterbean Beach, especially with children because the water does not become rough compared to the ocean and nearby Tybee Island, Georgia beaches.

Where Is Butterbean Beach Located

Butterbean Beach is located off the Diamond Causeway in Savannah, Georgia, adjacent to the Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp. The beach is easy to find as it is positioned on the right side of the bridge crossing to Skidaway Island. 

Diamond Causeway is the only road leading to Skidaway Island. The island is home to the Skidaway Island State Park and affluent neighborhoods, including The Landings. In the event you have crossed over a large bridge, you have gone too far. 

Due to the proximity of both neighborhoods and the state park, the beach becomes crowded, particularly during the summer months. 

There are numerous Savannah Georgia beaches but check out Butterbean Beach vacation as a must-see spot. Butterbean Beach is just 25 minutes from the heart of downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Can You Swim At Butterbean Beach

Yes, the beach allows access for swimmers to enjoy the waters of the Skidaway River. Savannah, Georgia, is influenced by seasons, therefore when planning to swim, visit during the warmest of months. 

While spring temperatures push into the upper 70’s, the water temperatures remain cold. The ideal time to visit Butterbean Beach is during the summer and fall months. 

Does Butterbean Beach Have Clear Water

Butterbean Beach does not have clear water. The water at the beach is murky and brown due to the nutrient-rich sediments. 

Despite the color, the water is safe to enter. Be cautious when swimming as the tidal changes are significant. Significant tidal changes cause currents to move at a swift pace. Only strong swimmers should venture past a standing depth. 

Butterbean Beach in Savannah, Georgia is also home to stingrays. When entering the water, avoid becoming stung by dragging your feet along the bottom. The dragging motion will scare the stingrays to prevent you from stepping on the fish.

Can You Fish At Butterbean Beach

While you should never fish directly from Butterbean Beach, the fishing pier is within steps from the sandy shore. 

Load up on live bait from Bandy’s Bait shop, but have a bait bucket and air pump. Cast a line from the T-shaped fishing pier between the boat ramps. Anglers catch sea trout, redfish, flounder, whiting, sharks, sheepshead, black drum, and even blue crabs. Remember to obtain a Georgia Saltwater license before casting a line. 

Butterbean Beach Savannah Georgia is not enclosed behind gates or a stand where fees are collected. Take the opportunity to fish day or night because butter bean beach is always open for anglers.

What Is The Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp

The Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp is a two-lane launch for trailered vessels. Ample parking is available for both the tow vehicle in addition to the trailer. 

Whether venturing out to fish, cruise, or engage in watersports, there is access to a vast range of waterways within a short distance. Parking at the ramp is free. No permits or launch fees are required. 

When launching at Butter bean beach Savannah Ga remember to gather everything needed from the tow vehicle. Leaving necessary items behind will shorten your day on the water by having to return and collect the forgotten items.

Are You Ready To Visit Butterbean Beach And The Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp

Whether you are a local or a visitor, the combination of a beach, fishing pier, and bait shop is sure to please all members of the family. Butterbean beach Savannah Ga vacation is the perfect destination for families. Remember, parking is free. While you’re here, keep an eye out for a food truck. Local restaurants utilize the parking lot occasionally to offer fresh, locally made food to order. What more could you ask for, a day in the sun with fresh, hot, local food. Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga is a perfect way to spend a day.