During certain times of the year, blue crab is easy to come by in the coastal areas of North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. These crustaceans do not require a boat to be harvested. Many crab fisherman can stand along the banks, coastal creeks, and marshy areas to fill up bucket fulls. Not everyone cares to take the time catching live crabs. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an angler to get your hands on live blue crab.

Why would you want to find live blue crabs for sale rather than catch them?

Some prefer to walk into a local seafood market to find blue crabs for sale rather than catch them. Catching blue crab requires you to be licensed and follow the regulations that South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia have in place. 

  1. Fear of being pinched

Blue crabs are equipped with two claws that can inflict a powerful pinch. Handling a live blue crab after it is caught makes some people fear they will be injured. Some would rather have a container of live blue crab handed to them.

  1. Paying a licensing fee

The hassle of purchasing a licensing and understanding the regulations can be more than some want to consider. The rules are easy to follow, and a license can be obtained online.

  1. Spending the time to catch live crabs

Crabbing requires time. Those who are not into fishing would rather walk into a market that sells seafood than spend the time that may be more valuable doing something else.

  1. Dealing with the mess of catching crabs

Crabs themselves are not messy when they are caught. What can cause a mess is by handling the raw chicken, fish, or other meat used to catch crabs on the seafloor. Some fishermen prefer to bring along a pair of gloves or wash their hands frequently.

Where to find live crabs for sale?

If you’re on vacation in beach towns along the Atlantic ocean or a coastal resident, it is usually a pretty easy task to find live blue crabs near me. A simple internet search saying live blue crabs for sale near me provides you with plenty of options in the vicinity. 

Another good option is to search Facebook. Many crab fishermen will sell live crabs right from the boat after they come in with the day’s catch. It’s hard to find a more fresh option than straight from the crabbing boat. 

Why is fresh blue crab fun to eat?

When it comes down to finding where to buy blue crabs near me, it’s simple, and so is preparing for dinner. Eating blue crab is an entertaining experience. Throw some newspaper on the table with a bucket for the discarded shells and a side of corn, potatoes, and beer. 

Cracking and pulling meat from crabs is a messy task but a great social opportunity for friends and family. The dinner is time-consuming, making it all the more fun to spend time with those most important to you. Be prepared; you will get messy. 

Conclusion- How to find live crabs for sale near me

Hop in the car to the local fresh seafood market, and select fresh caught blue crabs. Avoid the time and the hassle of catching them on your own. However, for most, they enjoy the challenge of filling a bucket full of blue crabs. Many markets sell them by the dozen. Be prepared to buy at least 12; however, that isn’t the case with every store. Pull out the phone, computer, or tablet to find live crabs near me.