Situated in South Carolina is the nearly 12 square mile lake called Lake Jocassee. Astonishingly, the lake reaches 300 feet in depth. The water is extremely clear and always cool because the mountain rivers flow into the lake. It is situated in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, close to the Tennessee and Georgia state lines. Lake Jocassee is human-made is was created in 1973. A cemetery lies beneath its waters. What does Lake Jocassee have to offer?

Reasons To Visit Lake Jocassee

One of the primary reasons that people visit Lake Jocassee is because of the natural beauty of not only the lake but of the surrounding areas as well. The lake is nestled in the Appalachian mountains. During the autumn months, the trees will turn bright yellow, orange, and red, and it is worth the experience. 

If you can bring along a boat or kayak, check out any of the four waterfalls that flow into Lake Jocassee. Visit a lake Jocassee waterfall and take a dip at the base of any of the falls. The seven different waterfalls are Laurel Fork Falls, Wright Creek Falls, Mill Creek Falls, Devils Hole Creek Falls, White Water Falls Rapids, Thompson Creek Falls, and Unnamed Falls.

Lake Jocassee Boat Ramps

Lake Jocassee has four public boat ramps available to launch a boat. 

A single ramp boat launch is located on Devil’s Fork Road in Salem, South Carolina. Parking is minimal at this particular launch. 

Also in Salem is another single launch ramp. Again, parking is limited and it is located in the Devil’s Fork area on White Oak Hill Road.  

The Hickory Hill Drive ramp also features a fishing pier if you are not coming with a boat but looking for the opportunity to cast a line. 

A second fishing pier and ramp can be accessed by visiting the Jocassee Lake Road boat ramp.

For more detailed information on the boat, launches visit the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Boat Ramp website. 

Remember, when boating on the lake to follow the Lake Jocassee boating rules to avoid becoming ticketed by law enforcement. When operating close to shore, reduce speeds thus eliminating wakes that damage docked boats. Pay close attention to the swimming areas and remain outside of the marked areas for swimmers. Lastly, never overindulge in alcohol and put yourself and your passengers at risk of a collision resulting in injury or death.

Avoid becoming lost when boating on Lake lanier by purchasing a Lake Jocassee map. The map will guide you about the lake and prevent you from returning a rental boat past the deadline as a result of becoming disoriented. A Lake Jocassee boat rental returned past the deadline is an expensive mistake and must be avoided.

Best Boat Rental Company On Lake Jocassee

If you don’t own a boat or don’t care to trailer it along with you, boat rental companies are available on Lake Jocassee.

Lake Jocassee rentals offer far less hassle compared to launching, finding dockage, and trailering a personal craft to and from the lake. Visit Jocassee Outdoor Center to learn more about the boat rental options and to reserve in advance. Jocassee Outdoor Center offers pontoon and ski boats available for both full and half-day rentals therefore you have options to choose from depending on your schedule. 

Hop on board the boat and enjoy the day fishing, visiting waterfalls, or engaging in water activities. Water toys, including wakeboards, kneeboards, and water skis, are available for rent. 

Rentals are the lowest cost between Mondays and Thursdays. They increase from Friday through Sunday, including holidays. Keep in mind, gas fees are in addition to the daily rate. 

Check out the boat rental page but remember to book in advance because Lake Jocassee boat rentals fill up quickly.

Best Places To Stay When Visiting Lake Jocassee

Many Lake Jocassee rentals are available, from cabins to large homes with waterfront views. If you prefer to be closer to nature, consider Lake Jocassee camping at Devils Fork State Park

Devils Fork State Park has 20 Lake Jocassee cabins. Lake Jocassee cabins are available in two and three-bedroom options are available to suit families of all sizes.

Another great option is Lake Jocassee rentals as there is an abundance of rental homes available on the shores of the lake to choose from. When searching for Lake Jocassee rental you will find rental properties to suit all budget levels. Most importantly, split the cost among brothers, sisters, parents, and others. Jocassee is surrounded by waterfront homes offering spectacular views of the crystal clear lake. Book Lake Jocassee rentals through local rental agencies or by searching VRBO Lake Jocassee or AirBnB Lake Jocassee.

What Kind Of Fish Are In Lake Jocassee

For the fisherman, the lake is home to what many would consider northern species. The cold water makes this a popular fishery for brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout.

Much like any other lake in the state, Lake Jocassee also holds bass, sunfish, and catfish. The lake has a state record for 6 different species. 

If you’re planning to fish on the lake, remember to purchase a freshwater fishing license. Purchase a license on the Department of Natural Resources fishing license site. 

Add Lake Jocassee To Your List Of Boating And Fishing Destinations

The next time you’re looking to escape to a secluded location, consider Lake Jocassee. Spend your time enjoying what nature to ha to offer both on the lake and the surrounding waters. The waterfalls are ideal for family photos or swimming in the crystal clear water. Come for an escape from the everyday routine. A three-day trip is more than perfect for seeing what the area has to offer. A trip to the lake will never leave you and your family disappointed.