Golf Cart Rental St Simons Island (What To Know)

Saint Simons Island is a barrier island situated off the coast of Georgia. The island measures over 17 square miles. There is ample entertainment, including golf, beaches, St. Simons dining, fishing, historical landmarks, and more. The island is expansive, and traveling from end to end takes time. Understand the most convenient ways to see all that the island has to offer. Read what you need to know about golf cart rental St Simons Island. 

Can You Drive Golf Carts On St Simons Island

There are two classes of golf carts. The first is a PTV short for Personal Transportation Vehicle. The second is a Low-Speed Vehicle or LSV. Each falls under specific regulations per the county. 

No matter which vehicle you are considering, never attempt to drive on the sidewalks. Sidewalks are intended for pedestrians and bikers only.  

Can You Rent Golf Carts On St Simons Island

Both gas and electric carts are allowable by law on public streets. The golf carts must be fitted with running lights, in addition to turning signals according to state law. 

Personal Transportation Vehicles

PTV vehicles must only operate on roads with speed limits of 25 miles per hour and blow. The PTV is significantly faster than the Low-Speed Vehicle.  

Low-Speed Vehicles

Unlike PTV’s, LSV are permitted on roads reaching 35 MPH. Despite the difference, visitors are on island time. No sense in hurrying from destination to destination. The LSV and PTV will get you from point A to point B. 

Can You Drive A Golf Cart On The Beach

The county allows golf carts to drive on public roadways but prevents cart operation on St. Simons Island beaches. Never attempt to drive an electric or gas golf cart on the beach. Local authorities have the right to issue a citation. 

What Are The Best Golf Cart Rental Companies On St Simons Island

There are two excellent golf cart rental companies on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Each offers a wide variety of options. Remember to reserve a cart in advance to avoid missing out on the opportunity during peak seasons. 

High Tide Carts

High Tide Carts offers both electric and gas rentals. The fleet of golf carts exceeds twenty miles per hour, and all are street legal. 

No matter the size of the crowd, High Tide Carts has you covered. They offer both four and six-seat rentals. 

When it comes to cost, prices range from one hundred twenty to one hundred ninety dollars. The website accepts online reservations. Book your cart in advance. 

Island Carts

Island Carts feature four and six-seat golf carts in gas or electric. Plan your travel time to determine if gas or electric is best suited for your needs. 

Whether you are coming for a day, week, or for months on end, Island Carts has you covered. However, the company offers hourly options for short trips. 

Exercise enthusiasts have the opportunity to push peddles as opposed to a gas peddle. Consider cycling rather than driving a golf cart. 

Gas Cart Versus Electric Cart Which Drives Further

When comparing a gas cart versus a an electric cart, the two are unique. Gas carts travel over 70 miles on a single tank of gas. Seventy miles equals a week of driving on Saint Simons Island. 

Despite the long-range of gas carts, electric carts are significantly quieter. However, electric cars run for three to four hours. Golf carts are re-powered via electric outlets; therefore, they can be charged at each stop when an outlet is accessible. Charge the cart day or night. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent A Golf Cart On Saint Simons Island

All golf cart operators on Saint Simons Island must be 16 years of age and older and possess a valid driver’s license. 

Rental agencies will not rent a cart to those under the age limit and lacking a valid driver’s license. 

Are Children Allowed On Saint Simons Island Golf Cart Rentals

Yes, children are allowed on golf cart rentals. A seat belt must secure children to prevent them from falling off of the cart. Parents are not allowed to hold kids in the front seat to restrain the child from falling off the cart. 

Golf Cart Rental St Simons Island Now You’re Ready

Now that you know the best rental agency and cost, the time has come to rent a cart. Both locals and visitors have the opportunity to reap the benefits of open-air travel. Parking is simplified, fishing grounds are more accessible, the car remains clean after beaching, and most importantly, it’s a unique form of transportation. Plan a golf cart rental st simons island.