Jekyll Island is a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. The 5,500-acre barrier island is home to nearly ten miles of beaches, restaurants, historical ruins, nature trails, and fishing. It is no wonder why it is a popular tourist destination. One of the most widely used structures on the island is the Jekyll Island Pier. Here is what you need to know about the pier. 

Where Is The Jekyll Island Pier Located

The pier is located on the northwest side of the island across from the Jekyll Island Campground. 

Access to the pier is via Clam Creek Road in the Clam Creek Picnic Area. In addition to the 120-foot pier, the area provides additional entertainment. The entertainment includes hiking trails, beach access, covered picnic tables, restrooms, grills, and horseback riding. While you’re here, take advantage of the scenic views. Photographers frequent the Clam Creek Picnic Area. 

Before or after fishing on the pier, dine outdoors by planning Jekyll Island picnics. The tables allow for views of the maritime forest and water while you’re eating.

Remember not to confuse two of the piers on the island. The Jekyll Island Club resort is home to a pier that is not used for fishing but rather for dining. The Wharf is a Jekyll Island restaurant on the pier. Here you enjoy fresh local seafood, coastal views, and live music.

What Is The Closest Bait And Tackle Shop To The Jekyll Island Pier

Anglers are in luck. Jekyll Island Fishing Center is positioned in the parking lot of the fishing pier. No need to travel off the island for necessary supplies. 

The Jekyll Island Fishing Center sells tackle and bait, and the hours of operation are dependent on the season. Call ahead before visiting the store as it is the most convenient Jekyll Island bait shop. 

What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch From The Jekyll Island Pier

Anglers visit the Jekyll Island fishing pier to catch a multitude of fish species and crustaceans. The fish varieties include flounder, redfish, sea trout, whiting, sharks, sheepshead, and mackerel. Inshore gamefish are excellent fighters and provide anglers with a rod bending tussle. The most effective baits include live shrimp, mullet, or cut bait fished beneath a popping cork or weight to hold the bottom of the seafloor. 

In addition to fish, crustaceans are abundant. Dip nets and traps are equally effective when baited with chicken necks. The blue crab is tasty and contains meat in the claws in addition to the body. 

The shrimp fishery in Georgia’s water is excellent. Cast nets thrown from the pier yield brown and red shrimp catches when they are running in inland waters. 

Pack essential fishing gear. The gear includes gloves, pliers, a measuring tape, and a Georgia saltwater fishing license. Authorities are authorized to verify anglers have a valid fishing permit. Last, handle stingrays and sharks with caution. Stingrays are equipped with a sharp barb, and sharks, as you know, are lined with a mouth full of teeth. 

What Are The Hours Of The Jekyll Island Pier

Spend the day at the beach and visit the pier during the evening hours after a delicious seafood dinner in town.

The Jekyll Island Pier is open 24/7, and ample parking is available. During the summer months, temperatures peak in the mid-’90s. Alternatively, the winter dips into the low thirties, particularly at night. 

Despite the pier featuring overhead protection from the sun, consider fishing during sunset and nighttime hours to avoid the day’s heat during the summer months. 

Families heavily visit the pier for the opportunity to catch fish and spot dolphins. The daytime is best suited for parents with young children as supervision is required. The water below moves swiftly during changing tides. 

No matter the time of day or night you experience the pier, the experience is enjoyable. While fishing, take the opportunity to spot massive ships pass through the Simons Sound between Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. 

While in the area, consider venturing to St. Simons Island and cast a line from the St. Simons Island fishing pier. When reading a St Simons island pier fishing report know that the report will also apply to the Jekyll pier because of proximity.

Now You’re Ready To Visit The Jekyll Island Pier

The next time you visit Jekyll Island, take full advantage of the pier, whether you are looking for a good view or a tussle with fish. No fee is applied to visit the pier or to enjoy Jekyll island fishing. Always pack ample snacks and food when visiting the Jekyll Island picnic area. Lastly, remain hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. Bring family and friends for an entire day of entertainment on one of Georgia’s most notable barrier islands.