Unquestionably, fish are attracted to lights at night. As an avid angler, I often fish at night. One of my favorite places to cast a line either from the boat or shore is beneath lights. Particularly lights that are shining into the water or subsurface lighting. Furthermore, it is amazing to catch a glimpse of the fish swimming below in the illuminated water. So are fish attracted to light at night? What you need to know. 

Where Can You Find Light Shining In The Water At Night

Without a doubt, there are a multitude of places where you can find light shining either into the water or from the water. Here is a breakdown of where to find lighted areas to fish after dark. 

Dock Lights

Fortunately, the vast majority of docks are lighted with the intention of preventing people from tripping and falling while walking. 

However, dock lights can certainly work to an angler’s advantage. In particular, lights that are close to the surface of the water. When the light reaches the water, it is not uncommon for it to attract fish, making it an excellent place to cast. 

Underwater Lighting

Undoubtedly, my favorite place to fish from the shore or by boat is in the vicinity of underwater lighting

Underwater lighting is superb at illuminating the water. The light radiates over a long distance and is the most effective at drawing in the baitfish and gamefish. One of the most popular colors is green. 

Pole Lamps

Pole lamps such as those along walkways, roadways, or mounted in parking lots can be highly effective at attracting fish. 

It is not uncommon to have pole lamps on the edge of waterways. Although the light is intended for people on the shore, it often spreads well across the surface of the water. 

With that said, focus your attention on the areas where this type of light shines not only on the surface but also below the surface. 

Why Fish Are Attracted To Light

One of the primary reasons that fish are attracted to light is because of the reflection created. First, the smallest microorganisms become more visible to the smallest of fish. From that point forward, all levels of the food chain move towards the light. 

As the baitfish come to feed the gamefish swoop in and often start a feeding frenzy. In some cases when the water is clear and well lit it can appear as though it is an aquarium. 

Considerations When Fishing Light At Night

Knowing the answer is yes to are fish attracted to light at night? We can move on to understanding the all of the considerations when fishing near lights. 

Make Sure You Are Allowed To Fish 

I’ll be the first to admit that I fish in marinas despite it being against the rules. However, I go at night after marina operations have ended for the day. The reason I fish marinas is specifically because of the lighting. 

With that said, make sure that you’re allowed to fish from the dock or shore to avoid getting yourself into trouble. Marina staff bans fishing because they do not want anglers to cast onto boats or have fishing line strewn about as a result of snags. 

Use Caution When Fishing Near Private Docks

In the event you’re fishing from a boat near a private dock, you need to be mindful of the person’s property. 

Yes, they may have an amazing underwater light, but it doesn’t mean they will appreciate you hanging around all night long. 

First, be smart when you’re casting. Don’t over cast onto the dock itself or onto a boat secured to the dock. Secondly, the owner can’t necessarily ask you to leave if you’re drifting away from the dock but be courteous. Avoid blasting music or talking loudly especially if the persons home is positioned closely to the water. Remember, sound carries with ease across the water. 

Bring Lighting Or Turn On Your Navigation Lights

Importantly, if you’re fishing from shore or boat at night, remember to bring along flashlights so you can see what you’re doing. This is particularly important for tying hooks. 

Furthermore, in the event you’re fishing by boat, remember to turn on your navigation lights. You’ll want to make sure you are seen despite the water being illuminated. 

Are Fish Attracted To Light At Night? Yes

Without question fish are attracted to light at night. Remember to be safe when fishing in the dark. The last thing you want is to end up in the water. Low light conditions make rescue more challenging. Find lighting to fish at night for your chance of catching more fish.