I fish with my children on a consistent basis, both in freshwater and saltwater. Additionally, we take advantage of the opportunity to fish from the shore or by boat. However, in the early years of introducing fishing to kids, it is important to eliminate overwhelming children or making them become fearful. Here are 6 things to avoid when fishing with children. 

Maximize The Odds Of Catching Fish On The First Few Trips

One of the most important things to consider when fishing with kids is to maximize the chances that they will catch fish on the first few trips. 

Without catching, kids will become easily bored and lose interest in the sport. With that said, I would find local ponds stocked with panfish. In most cases, the action will be non-stop in stocked waters. 

Conversely, offshore trolling in the open ocean is not a good way to introduce kids to fishing. The combination of waiting for a bite, rocking from the waves, and distance from shore will lessen the likelihood that they will want to go again. 

Avoid Having The Kids Come In Contact With Hooks

Those sharp, pointy tips are not something that you want your children to come in close contact with. 

Unfortunately, one poke from the hook can make a child inconsolable. When this happens, you’re more than likely going to need to pack up and head back home. Furthermore, that memory will be embedded in the child’s mind the next time you suggest trying fishing again. 

Avoid kids from being snagged by hooks when fishing. 

Encourage The Children To Watch The Fish Swim Away

For the most part, kids on their first fishing trip are casting a body of water that is catch and release. 

Children are inquisitive and compassionate about fish. For this reason, they are likely to ask if the fish is hurt by the hook. One of the best ways to ensure that no major harm is inflicted is to encourage them to watch the fish swim away alive and well. 

Furthermore, discuss with your kids that the fish happily swimming to be caught another day. 

Don’t Allow Kids To Become Sunburn

One sunburn story is engraved in my mind. As a child, my wife had a severe sunburn while out fishing with her father. To this day, she has a mark on her forehead. Needless to say, my wife’s mom was less than pleased when she returned home from the fishing trip. 

To avoid your children from being in pain, make sure that they are well coated in sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before you head out fishing and reapply on a consistent basis. Another sure way to discourage your children from fishing again is to allow them to get a sunburn. 

Remain Cool When Lines Get Tangled

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a lot of patience. This is especially the case when I am fishing. I take the sport seriously and don’t like anything from being out of sorts to discourage a bite. 

However, when I am fishing with the kids, I do my best to become more patient. I highly recommend remaining cool and calm when introducing kids to fishing. 

Undoubtedly, becoming short with the kids won’t leave them with a warm feeling to want to go back and try it again. Remain encouraging despite mistakes being made. Understand that lines will be tangled, rods will be dropped, and trees will be hooked. Lastly, remaining cool might lead your kids to consider joining a children’s fishing derby

Eliminate Kids From Becoming Excessively Hungry Or Thirsty

One of the biggest factors in helping kids remain focused is ensuring that they do not become overly hungry or thirsty.

With that said, I suggest packing plenty of drinks and snacks. When packing food and drinks, make sure they are the following. 

First, the drinks should be hydrating. Avoid sugar-filled liquids, but instead, pack bottles of water. Sugary drinks are not beneficial for hydration and may cause the kids to become dehydrated more quickly. 

Secondly, when planning out snacks, I recommend bringing along fruit, yogurt, and trail mix. One or all of the above will provide longer levels of sustained energy compared to crashing. 

Avoid kids from complaining about being hungry because they will lose focus on fishing. 

Consider These 6 Tips When Fishing With Kids

I love to take the opportunity to go out fishing with my kids whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, I have become seasoned in maximizing the kid’s enjoyment because of mistakes I have made in the past. For this reason, you should consider these 6 tips when fishing with kids.