The inshore waters of Savannah, Georgia, have an abundance of fish. I am an avid fisherman who lives on one of the barrier islands. No matter if you’re a resident angler of Savannah or visiting from out of town, it is important to know the most common types of inshore fish species. Before you go inshore fishing, know the Savannah Georgia fish. 

Difference Between Game Fish Vs. Non Game Fish

The list of fish species in calling Savannah, Georgia, inshore waters home can stretch on a mile. However, not every fish that swims in these waters is targeted by anglers. Understand the characteristics of a game fish versus a nongame fish. 

Game Fish

I have traveled to different countries to get the opportunity to chase game fish. The excitement of chasing, fighting, and landing game fish is hard to describe. 

First, game fish or often the stoutest fighters. They put up epic battles with long drag-screaming runs or put on aerial acrobatics. 

Secondly, not all but most game fish make excellent table fare. I have eaten countless types of game fish that have been caught. The Savannah inshore waters are home to plenty of game fish. 

Non Game Fish

I’ll never go as far as to say that it’s not exciting to catch a fish that is not considered a game fish. However, some nongame fish are either small and put up a minimal fight or do not possess any qualities as far as taste is concerned. 

With that said, some nongame fish are massive and are noted for their ability to fight. However, in the end, they don’t share the same quality traits as game fish. 

Savannah Georgia Fish: Best Inshore Game Fish Broken Down 

In Savannah, there are a few types of gamefish that are highly sought after by anglers. Importantly, these types of fish can be caught from either a boat or from land. Here are the most popular game fish swimming in the coastal waters of Savannah, Georgia. 


Likely, the most notable fish in the Savannah inshore waters are redfish. Redfish are aggressive feeders and fighters that put up rod-bending battles. The copper-colored fish can measure over 60″, which makes it a challenge to land. 

I have caught redfish from boats and by land in abundance on a variety of different baits. Without question, one of the best places to find redfish, otherwise known as red drum, is around oyster beds and creek mouths. 

Importantly, if you plan to keep redfish, make sure that they are of the proper size by checking the regulations guide

Spotted Seatrout

Although the seat trout is not as strong of a battler compared to redfish, they certainly hold their own. 

The sea trout is known for having a set of sharp canine teeth on the roof of the mouth, so caution must be taken when removing hooks. 

When it comes to the coloration, the bellies are white, and the tops of the fish contain numerous black spots. 

In order to locate spotted seatrout, focus your attention on sandy bottoms or around large beds of oysters. Two of my favorite baits are finger mullet and live shrimp. Either can be presented beneath a popping cork. 


My all-time favorite fish to target in the coastal waters of Savannah, Georgia, is southern flounder. Southern flounder are incredibly delicious, especially when they are caught, cooked, and served fresh. 

Without a doubt, you’ll want to focus your attention at or near the bottom when chasing flounder. The bottom dweller is easily identified as a flat fish, with one side being white and the other brown with spots. 

Importantly, flounder prefer soft, muddy, or sandy bottoms, especially around creek mouths. I recommend fishing with a live mud minnow on a jig head and letting it sit on the bottom. An alternative option is to increase the length of the leader line beneath a popping cork so that the bait is near the bottom. With a popping cork, you will better be able to notice a bite. 

Lastly, understand that when filleting flounder, they have four cuts. Two of the fillets are on the top, and two are on the bottom. 

Catch Savannah Georgia Fish

Again, no matter if you live in the Savannah area or are visiting from out of town, make sure to take advantage of the inshore fishing. The populations of inshore gamefish are very strong; therefore, you aren’t likely to have issues locating and catching fish. Rather than finding the fish yourself, consider hiring a Savannah inshore fishing guide.