Finding crawfish near me can be difficult, and you may have run into the same problem where you are located. However, if you have ever had crawfish you know that they are well worth the find. One of the smallest and tastiest freshwater treats is the crawfish. Crawfish are cooked in a variety of ways but are delicacy across the world. The small crustacean that lives in lakes, swamps, rivers, and streams is commercially harvested and shipped to hungry seafood lovers.

What Do Crawfish Taste Like

The best way to describe what does crawfish taste like the mini lobster-looking crustaceans are known for their sweet flavor. Most would describe the taste as a mixture of crab, lobster, and shrimp but sweeter and less salty. The tail portion of crawdads contains the meat that is firm when cooked.

Crawdads are eaten by removing the tail from the body by twisting it away. Once the tail is removed, suck the juices from the head. However, this is a matter of preference. Some find this to be revolting, but the flavoring is delicious.

Once the head is discarded, pull the meat from the tail, which remains in your hand. Peel the shell open and remove the small but tasty treat. The process is more simple than cleaning crabs.

How To Find Crawfish Near Me

When asked, where can I get crawfish near me, fortunately, purchasing crawfish is a simple task. The average person consumes 3-5 pounds of crawdads, so order enough to feed the entire family or guests.

Two of the most straightforward ways to purchase crawfish are visiting a local seafood market or shopping online. Here are the ways to find live crawfish near me.

Visiting A Local Seafood Market

Local seafood markets allow the best opportunity to inspect the crawdads before making the purchase. However, not all markets will carry fresh crawfish.

To locate a seafood market, search the internet for live crawfish near me. A list of shops will pull up. Make sure to read the reviews and call before driving to the store. Always make sure they have fresh mudbugs in stock.

Online Shopping

Believe it or not, online shopping is the easiest way to purchase crawdads and freshest. No need to leave to leave the house when determining where to find crawfish near me. Crawdad farms will grow and ship live crawdads for next-day delivery.

Louisiana Crawfish Co. is one of the most reputable companies in the farming and shipping of crawdads business. 

Not only will Louisiana Crawfish Co. send live fresh crawdads, but they also offer complete meal kits to make hot and juicy crawfish. 

Other Methods To Find Crawfish Near Me

If peeling crawdads is not your thing, grocery stores carry frozen crawdad tail meat that has been removed from the shell. However, this is not the freshest and should not be used for crawfish boils. 

How Much Is Crawfish 

Crawdads are most often sold by the pound. Local seafood markets and online suppliers charge a per pound rate. 

Similar to lobster, mudbugs come in varying sizes. Larger and meatier crawdads sell at a higher price per pound when compared to small crawdads.

On average, the cost for a pound of live crawdads ranges between $3.50 and $5.50. When feeding a large group, a crawfish boil is expensive. 

How Are Mudbugs Cooked

The meat of crawdads is highly versatile in the methods in which it is cooked. By far, the most popular style of preparation is a crawfish boil. In addition to crawdads, the boil includes garlic, sausage, corn, and potatoes. Boils are simple because all ingredients are combined and cooked in one pot. 

Other popular cooking options include spicy pasta, dips, Etouffee, bisques, steamed and dipped in butter, and more. Create a recipe that best suits your taste for the day. With fresh mudbugs, it is challenging to make a wrong decision when it comes to preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Crawfish Taste Like Lobster

Crawfish and lobster do not taste alike. The crawfish has more of a sweet taste to it, and it has a firm texture. If you need to compare the taste of crawfish to something, you would call it a mix between a shrimp and a crab. However, the taste of crawfish is much more unique than other seafood. This is something you will have to try to understand and enjoy.

What Tastes Better Shrimp or Crawfish

Most people find that the taste of crawfish is better than that of shrimp. However, finding crawfish to eat is a bit more difficult, and therefore it may come as no surprise that shrimp is the more popular food for most people. Crawfish and shrimp are both part of quite a few Lowcountry meals.

What Is The Correct Name Crawfish or Crayfish

Crawfish, crawdads, and crayfish are all the same thing; however, they are often called by different names depending on where you live and where you eat. The important thing to remember is that you will be getting the same meal. In some areas of the country, you may even hear names like Mudbugs for crawfish. We tend to think this makes the fish a bit less appealing to eat.

Can You Go Crawfishing Near Me In Georgia

There are Red Swamp Crawfish in Georgia, and even though they are considered an invasive species, you will be able to find them throughout the state. South Carolina and North Carolina also have their fair share of crawfish located throughout the state. When crawfishing near me it is not a tricky species to find in the southeastern United States.

Are You Ready To Shop For Crawfish Near Me

Fortunately, you won’t need to leave your home to find crawfish near me. Purchase them online. However, if you want to look at the crawdads before purchasing, visit a local seafood market. The meat is super sweet and makes for a perfect meal for large gatherings to socialize while indulging in freshwater crustaceans. However, if you prefer, find where to fish for crawfish near me. Crawfishing near me will guarantee the highest level of freshness.