A unique way to explore Charleston, South Carolina’s waterways, is on a tiki boat cruise. What could be more fun than cruising on a boat that is built to resemble a tiki bar. Charleston is home to two companies that offer tiki rides. Whether you’re visiting from out of town and looking for a fun adventure or a local hosting a birthday, corporate, or bachelor/bachelorette party, these are all options. Check out a Charleston booze cruise and the sights that go along with it.

What Is A Tiki Boat

Imagine your favorite tiki bar on land. Now picture the bar being placed in its entirety on top of a floating platform with a steering wheel and engine. Yes, it moves too!

The floating bar is equipped with a tiki top to keep you cool in the sun, a bar, barstools to take a seat, amazing views, a bartender to serve drinks, a captain to navigate, and of course, speakers to jam to music. For a booze cruise Charleston SC you will have a few options to choose from while combining cocktails with an ocean breeze aboard a floating bar.

Do Floating Tiki Bars Have Bathrooms

The availability of an onboard bathroom is dependent on the cruise company. When the drinks are going down easy, this presents a problem when nature calls. Ensure to visit the bathroom before departing and plan to head back to it quickly upon arrival if no toilets are onboard.

What Sights Can Be Seen On A Charleston Tiki Tour

Fortunately, a variety of tour options are available between the two tiki bar boat companies in Charleston.

Learn about the cities local history, watch the sunset, listen to a comedy show, venture to the beach, or catch a glimpse of retired naval ships. You will have a lot to see when visiting Charleston, South Carolina.

With all of the options, it can be a difficult decision. However, don’t leave the kids behind. There are child-friendly cruises available. The tiki tours of Charleston will have you covered whether you are single, married, or married with children.

What Are The Two Tiki Boat Boat Companies In Charleston

When you are ready to plan your trip, it is essential to know that the companies operate different sized tiki boats for a booze cruise in Charleston SC. Depending on the size of your group, make sure to select the vessel that will accommodate you and your friends and family. Here are the two Charleston tiki boat options for you to choose from.

Cruisin Tikis Charleston

Hop aboard the octagon-shaped tiki boat and venture out on any of the four cruises offered. The tiki tours include a beach trip, a historical harbor tour, and a sunset tour. 

Cruisin Tikis offers a more personalized experience because the floating bar accommodates up to six guests. 

The tour runs rain or shine but remember to pack food and beverages because it is not included with the cost of admission. Onboard coolers are iced down for alcohol and snacks, which must remain cold. You never want to drink aboard Charleston tiki tours on an empty stomach because the motion of the vessel and sun amplifies the effects of the alcohol.

On average, the cost is $65 for a trip lasting two hours. In addition to food and drinks, make sure to pack sunscreen and a camera when boarding Cruisin Tiki Charleston.

Tiki Tours Of Charleston

Tiki Tours Of Charleston is a much larger operation with a tiki boat that accommodates up to 32 passengers. 

The tour group offers a wide range of cruises ranging from sunset cruises to private parties. Many of the trips are family-friendly, but there are also options available that are geared towards adults. 

Tiki tours has a bathroom on board the floating bar, so you won’t have to plan to make a pit stop. You will appreciate a bathroom on a booze cruise in Charleston SC

The public tours, on average, are $65, and you must bring food and drinks. Coolers are on the tiki to keep all the beverages iced down.

Which Tiki Bar Boat Charleston Is The Better Option

When you are looking for a booze cruise in Charleston SC both Charleston booze cruise companies offer an excellent experience and opportunity to explore the city of Charleston from the water. 

The answer to this question is based on two key facts. The first is how large a party will be joining you. And secondly if you are looking for a more personalized experience. Based on the answers to these questions you will more easily be able to decide the best Charleston booze cruise.

Couples looking for a more personal experience are best suited to book on the Cruisin Tikis trip because it accommodates up to six passengers. The smaller crowd makes for a more intimate experience.

Large groups and those looking to mingle with fellow tour patrons would be best board the more extensive Tiki Tours Of Charleston. Aboard the Tiki Tours Of Charleston, you will have the opportunity to make new friends while cruising the peninsula.

Lastly, if you have fears of the water, either don’t go or book the Tiki Tours trip.  The Cruisin Tikis platform is small and is subject to rocking from waves. Avoid becoming sick, especially when combining rolling in waves with powerful sun and alcoholic beverages on any Charleston tiki tours.

When you’re in the Charleston area, make sure to check out the dining scene in addition to other water adventures like paddleboarding and jet skiing. The greater Charleston has much more to offer beyond a Charleston booze cruise.