Many people ask the question if it is worth using a dealer to buy boats. Across Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, many boat dealers sell freshwater or saltwater vessels because of the lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Whether you’re in search of a new or used boat, the question always remains. Can you trust a boat dealer?

Should You Buy A Boat From A Boat Dealer

When you purchase a new or used boat, you should buy from a dealership because of the process involved.

Completing The Necessary Documentation

For the most part, a boat dealer will take care of all of the paperwork necessary to get you on the water. A dealership will handle registration, financing, and delivery of the boat to your desired location, of course, within reason.

New Boat Warranty

One of the long-term benefits is filing the necessary documents to ensure the craft has the warranty in place. New boat purchases come with warranties that will save the owner a substantial amount of money if issues arise.

Service Benefits

When from a local boat dealer, the service department can be instrumental in maintaining the craft because they will have serviced the vessel from day one. The long history report can avoid extra time out of service

Owners Insurance

Generally, a boat dealer will not obtain insurance for the client. The purchaser will work directly with the insurance company to ensure the craft and trailer are covered before leaving the lot.

Buying New Versus Used: Which Can You Trust More From A Boat Dealer

When you in the market for a new or used boat, it’s evident that it is easier to trust a dealer when purchasing a new craft.

New Boat Purchases From A Boat Dealer

A new boat is a new boat. A previous owner will never have run it aground, failed to complete the proper maintenance schedule, or lacked in applying wax to preserve the gelcoat. New boats are straight from the factory, and nearly any issues will be covered under warranty.

Used Boat Purchases From A Boat Dealer

Used boat buying from a dealer is a whole different story. While yes, many will have been well maintained and possibly through the service department at the boat dealer, it’s now for sale. Thoroughly inspect the vessel and make sure it comes with even a thirty-day warranty.

How Do You Determine If a Boat Dealer Has Been Dishonest

Technology is your best friend. Read the reviews of the dealership you are considering purchasing a vessel through. Learning about past experiences will help you make an informed decision. A second way is to check the Better Business Burea.

Can You Trust Pricing From A Boat Dealer

Determining if you’re paying the right price for a new boat is more straightforward than with a used vessel.

New Vessel Pricing

When purchasing a new boat, the list price is made clear through the manufacturer’s website. It is hard to be fooled into overpaying. Lastly, remember that the list price is negotiable. Don’t be afraid to haggle the cost.

Used Vessel Pricing

With a used vessel, pricing can be more challenging to determine. The NADAguides can be helpful to gather information on the price range, but some crafts have been well cared for compared to others. A poorly maintained boat does not hold value. Consider buying from a private seller to save cash.

So Can Boat Dealers Be Trusted

When it comes to purchasing a new boat, it would be rare to find a bad apple in the mix of dealers. Buying new is a safe bet. Used, however, can be questionable, so try to negotiate out a more extended warranty to help keep you covered and compare prices. Boat dealers ultimately want to earn trust and develop long-term relationships with clients.