Not much beats spending time on the boat fishing. Boating makes fishing grounds far more accessible and provides the opportunity to venture into hard-to-reach places that are not heavily fished. Some anglers take the sport very seriously, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t come along for the ride and to have the chance to catch fish. When taking kids boating and fishing, keep them entertained by any of the following fun things to do. Remember to bring along the sunscreen.

Let Them Fish

While you’re already on the boat fishing, let the kids handle a rod and reel. For young anglers who are just getting into the sport, pull up on a spot with a large population of small fish. More times than not, the action can be non-stop.

Tie up small hooks with bait that will attract a bite. The bites, fight, and a proud picture will keep the kids coming back for more.

The fishing may be short-lived. However, the children will likely ask you to take them back out for a tussle with a fish below.


The imagination of kids is unmatched. Taking kids boating can further enhance their creativity. Most times, children have to play imaginary in their own homes or with friends. A boat creates a whole new opportunity.

When you’re out on the water, most children will create a fun game to entertain each other, but if they happen to be short on ideas, here are a few to recommend.

Pirate Ship Game With Kids Boating

Turn your fishing boat into a pirate ship: wooden hull, sails, telescopes, and even pirates. The fishing boat will become a pirate ship, and you won’t hear I want to head back for potentially hours. Play along with the game by yelling some pirate lines, which may buy you some bonus time.

Storm Ahead

The approaching or severe storm overhead imaginary game is another good suggestion if not already considered by the kids. Whether it be a hurricane, rainshower, or waterspout, the kids boating will have a blast conjuring up ideas on how to evade it, the impact, the destruction caused, or a combination of them all.


If adults could only burn calories as fast as kids boating to snack and consume sugar-filled drinks all day long and never pack on a pound.

Children seem to have a never-ending appetite. Have a mixed bag of options that they can choose from and foods that may take longer to consume than a few pretzels stashed in a ziplock bag. Make it a fun experience by choosing fish-shaped options such as Swedish fish and any Goldfish variety that can be purchased from a local grocery store.

For the drinks, make sure they have hydrating properties. The kids can become quickly dehydrated, and that is best to be avoided.


Depending on how many kids are coming along for the ride, bring along some games to keep them busy. Depending on the wind’s strength, card games are a solid choice, such as Uno or a standard deck to play war or rummy. On windy days bring options that are not paper like cards because they will blow away. Make sure the games will not be damaged by water in the event of rain or rough waters.

Kids Boating Pretend Driving

When the engine is off and the boat is securely at anchor, let the kids pretend to drive. Create a point to steer and let them turn the wheel in the direction the craft needs to navigate. Throw in obstacles to move around, such as boat traffic, whales, or crab trap floats. Ask them to pull the boat up to a dock in raging winds that only the most qualified captains can accomplish. After the mission, award them a medal for their skills.

It’s Time For a Kids Boating And Fishing Trip

Don’t think the kids can’t hang all day when you’re out on the boat fishing. With a few tricks up your sleeve, they will want to repeat the trip every weekend. A mix of fishing, imagination, snacks, games, and pretend driving will keep them entertained for hours. As they age, most likely fishing will take the majority of their time.