With all of the lakes and coastal waters of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, recreational boating is a common interest among these states’ residents. When you’re in the market for a new boat, learn how to reduce the asking price before you walk in the door. No sense in overpaying for something that could have come cheaper. Here are tips for cutting a deal at a boat dealer near me.

What Is The Profit Margin On A New Boat

The profit margin on purchasing a new boat from a dealership is between ten percent and fifteen percent. This low percentage does not allow many boat dealerships to offer a significant discount from the list price when purchasing a new vessel.  

How Much Should You Offer On A Boat

A significant amount of factors go into how much money should be offered when buying a new craft from a boat dealership near me.

The Manufacturing Year

The dealership may have previous year models on the lot that must be moved to make room for the current year’s style. Making an offer on the new but older model can save a significant amount of money so consider offering up to fifteen percent less than the asking price.

Current Market  Influences

Let’s face it, just like purchasing a home or a car, the demand based on the market can fluctuate. When the economy is down, and boat dealerships are having a difficult time moving inventory, the dealer will listen to your offer. Avoid insulting the salesman but assume ten percent is fair under this circumstance.

Can You Haggle On New Boat Prices From A Boat Dealer Near Me

Yes, you can haggle on the price of a new boat. A boat dealership is not like CarMax who is negotiation-free. Most everyone in the United States purchases a car, but that does not hold the same for owning a craft. Dealers are working with a more limited number of purchasers. As a result, they expect a buyer to work the asking price.

Depending on how hot the market is or total inventory, the boat dealership may hold firm on the asking price because a buyer willing to pay the sticker cost will walk in behind them.

How Much Of A Discount Can You Get On A New Boat

The answer to this question is highly dependent on what you are buying and when you are buying. To purchase at the lowest rate, buy the previous year’s model. The best time to shop for the earlier years model is during the winter months, just before or after the new year. Buying at this time will maximize the discount

What Are The Drawbacks To Purchasing A Boat Previous Years Model From A Boat Dealer Near Me

The biggest drawback to purchasing a new boat manufactured the previous year is that the styling and accessories may have changed. Saving a significant amount of money may be enough to help you get past the new hull colors or missing features.

What Is The Start Date Of Warranty On A Boat

Your warranty starts the day you purchase the boat. Thankfully previous year’s model will not have warranty time ticking from the clock while it remains on the boat dealer’s lot. Verify with the dealership, but you will likely be covered for the entire duration of the warranty time available.

It’s Time To Cut A Deal On A New Boat At A Boat Dealer Near Me

Whether you are into pleasure cruising, fishing, watersports, spending time on the water is hard to beat. Avoid regretting overspending on a new vessel. Utilize these tips before walking into the boat dealer near me, so you are prepared to cut a deal.