One of the most historic cities along the entire east coast of the United States is Charleston, South Carolina. As a result of its long history, tourists flock here to learn about historical events. Beyond history, Charleston is known as a dining destination because of the fertile waters supplying fresh seafood. Stop in at an oyster bar near me in Charleston, South Carolina.

Is Charleston Known For Oysters

Yes, Charleston, South Carolina, is well known for oysters much like Savannah, Georgia. Recreational fishermen have the opportunity to harvest seasonally in designated areas. Utilize the South Carolina map to learn where they can be legally removed. Beyond the natural populations, farms are common along the coastline.

What Kind Of Oysters Are Harvested In Charleston

The Crassostrea Virginica, or eastern oyster, is native to the marshy saltwater areas surrounding the peninsula of Charleston. The bivalves are instrumental in supporting the local restaurant industry in addition to keeping the waters clean.

Coastal farmers grow various varieties of oysters in the region. These include Baritaria Blades, Caper’s Blades, and Single Lady. As a result of the various diners can sample local flavors seasonally.

What Do Oysters Grown In The Charleston Waters Taste Like

Connoisseurs would describe the farm-raised species and eastern oysters as briny but with a clean finish. For additional flavor, they are great when paired with a house-made cocktail sauce.

Are Charleston Oysters Seasonal

Yes, harvesting is seasonal. The summertime water temperatures can cause unsafe levels of natural bacteria in the water. Although it is unlikely, eating an oyster with bacteria can make you sick. The season generally ranges between October and mid-May.

How To Find And Oyster Bar Near Me In Charleston

Use a computer or pick up your phone to find an oyster house. An oyster bar can be found by searching oyster bar near me or oysters me near me in Charleston, South Carolina. A list of options will be available. Read through the reviews.

What Are The Best Oysters Bars In Charleston

We have had the opportunity to dine at many Charleston oyster bars, here are our top recommendations.

The Darling Oyster Bar

When you’re walking along King Street in downtown Charleston, it will be hard to pass by without catching your eye. The raw bar is front and center along the road behind large glass windows

Fortunately, The Darling Oyster Bar has a wide range of options. The selections include an even mix of local and no local oysters.

The interior is well-appointed with whites and bright blues. In addition to the bivalves, enjoy local shrimp, ceviches, fried seafood baskets, clams, and more. For the non-seafood eater, they have plenty of great selections on the menu.

Bowens Island Restaurant

Although Bowens Island Restaurant is not on the peninsula, it’s worth the drive. Hop in the car and visit the 13-acre island between Folley Beach and Charleston. Bowens has been a rustic dining experience since 1946.

When you sit down at the restaurant, you will feel as though the oysters are being pulled from the waters along the edge of the restaurant, and it’s not far from the truth.

To indulge in the local offerings, visit Bowens between September and May. Pick from half trays, full trays, or all you can eat. Keep in mind, if you don’t like seafood, this isn’t the place for you.

Hymans Seafood

Recognized as one of the best seafood restaurants in the nation, Hymans is perched in a historic building just steps from City Market.

This two-story building will bring you back in time. The menu selection is about as expansive as you can imagine from salads, fish options, oysters, shrimp, soups, and even a deli. Grab a seat at the bar and watch as they open the oysters right before your eyes.

Hymans Seafood is the most family-friendly oyster bar on the list. Beyond a menu to please everyone, friends, families, and strangers may ask if you had the opportunity to dine at Hyman’s on your trip.

So Its Time To Find An Oyster Bar Near Me In Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has far more to offer than just oyster bars. However, while you’re in town, take a bite from the local waters. The oyster will come as fresh as they get during the harvesting months. In fact, some may have been pulled from the sea that same day.