Regardless of age, dolphin cruises provide entertainment for everyone. Spending time on the water listening to the seas, the gentle rocking, and the sun-filled sky is an escape from the everyday hustle. Many coastal towns and cities in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina offer paid trips to head offshore and catch a glimpse of the sea’s magnificent mammals. What should families bring on a dolphin cruise?

It would be best if you remembered to prepare in advance. Gathering everything that you will need will likely make you leave something back that was important to make your day more comfortable. 

Preparing for The Weather on your Dolphin Cruise

Check the local forecast before you both schedule and depart for dolphin cruises. The weather conditions on the day of the trip will help you better determine what should be brought along with you. 

Chance of Rain

While tour companies will likely cancel a trip should high winds or excessive rainfall be anticipated, it doesn’t mean they won’t go with low percentages of rain or breezy days. If rain is expected, bring along a rain jacket or towels to dry off. 

Breezy conditions

If breezy conditions are likely, especially on cooler days, pack an extra layer and wear pants. During the late fall, winter, and spring, the water temperatures are low. These low water temperatures will make the air feel even colder. 

Intense sun

While everyone hopes for a bright sunny day with warm temperatures to give you a tropical feeling, this comes along with the risk of sunburn. Everyone wants to get a nice tan, but burns are more common when you’re out on a boat. The sun’s reflection off the water intensifies the UV exposure, resulting in sunburn that can come rapidly. 

Avoiding sunburn can be done easily by following these steps-

-Use a sunscreen that 30 SPF. Apply the sunscreen before you depart and reapply halfway through the dolphin adventure. The nose is one of the frequently burned parts of the body.

-Wear a long-sleeve breathable shirt that has an SPF rating. 

-Put on a hat with a large brim to keep the sun off of the top of your head and provide shade for your face.

-Much like your skin, the eyes can be burned as well. Pack the sunglasses and wear them all day long.

-The lips are prone to sun exposure. Sunburned lips are painful, resulting in them drying and cracking. Apply an SPF rated chapstick.

Create a lasting memory

For those who are not living in coastal regions, seeing dolphins on a dolphin cruise can be a rare experience. Bring along the camera to snap some photos of the playful creatures. It’s also a good idea to get some family shots with the beautiful scenery between the water, beaches, and maritime forests all in the backdrop. 

What to pack when you work up an appetite?

One of the most critical things to pack is a drink to keep you hydrated. The sun’s powerful rays combined with high heat, can make you sweaty. The fluid lost needs to be replaced to prevent dehydration. Try to avoid sodas; water and sports drinks are much better. 

Check with the tour company when you book the trip to see if they allow you to bring food on the boat. If so, don’t plan on a gourmet meal. Packaged snack is a great option, purchase a sub, or make cold cut sandwiches. Remember to keep them packed away in a cooler. 

Watching dolphins play in the boats wake, jump, and playfully splash provides a fun-filled day on the water. Often coastal areas have multiple companies offering trips in one town. Call around to check rates, availability, and trip times to make sure it will fit into your schedule. You will be glad you made the adventure.