If you’re in the market for a new boat, the decisions on what brand to buy can be extremely challenging. The number of boat builders in the United States is seemingly endless. In addition to brands, many styles are available to include pontoon boats for lakes and rivers, ski boats, walkarounds, center consoles, and more. One of the most versatile boats is a center console. Let’s take a look at the best Dusky boats around.

What are the benefits of a center console boat?

A center console boat is perfect for cruising in any body of water, from small lakes to well offshore in the ocean. Tow it along with you on all of your vacations that will be spent enjoying your favorite water activities. 

The versatility of a center console is unmatched. These boats are constructed to fish, engage in water sports, and sightseeing. 

The level of maintenance literally cannot be any lower with owning center consoles. While they do need a wash and wax, the in-between requires an occasional scrub or a simple rinse. 

The most significant reason a center console is an ideal style is that it’s perfect for families. Bring along the whole crew as they provide ample walking space and seating, of course, dependent upon the size. 

What brand is the best bang for the buck?

When you’re shopping for a new center console, take a look at Dusky Boats. They are manufactured near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and are a family-owned company. The history dates back to 1967. You can pick up a new build with a reasonable drive from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Each boat is custom built so it can be customized to your liking. Don’t let the customization fool you; they are still extremely affordable. 

What are the three best Dusky Boats options ranging between 17 feet and 27 feet?

Dusky 18R

Let’s start with the Dusky 18R Bay boat-

The 18R is a perfect combination to run up on the flats or smoothly maneuver in higher seas. 

It can come equipped with a Suzuki or Evinrude motor with a rating of up to 150 horsepower. Because of the high power rating, it’s also perfect for skiing. It will keep you on the water and away from the fuel dock because of its 35-gallon tank. 

The boat comes standard with great features like hydraulic steering, a gauge package, anchor stowage, and more.

Dusky 217

If you’re looking for something with a little more room, consider the Dusky 217 Open Fisherman

When your plans including bringing along more guests or fishing out in the ocean it may be a good idea to step up in size to the Dusky 217 Open Fisherman. 

The 217 can also be fitted with a Suzuki or Evinrude to 175 horsepower. This design has plenty of space to walk around without feeling confined. It’s a perfect mid-sized option

She will hold 60 gallons of fuel, comes factory equipped with a leaning post, swim platform, rod racks, and more.

Dusky 278 XF

If you’re wanting to go big, for pleasure cruising or fishing, the Dusky 278 XF may be for you.

This model is constructed to handle those windy unpleasant days when the seas kick up. Not much you can’t do with this hull design, and don’t assume it’s just for fishing.

The boat will get up and go with its design to accommodate twin outboards at a combined horsepower of 450. While with its weight and size, it will burn fuel at a pretty good rate but keep in mind the tank holds 100 gallons. 

It comes standard with fantastic equipment like Lorance Touch depth finder and GPS, trim tabs to smooth the ride and help you stay dry, double batteries, and more. The 278 is a serious machine that requires time and money to keep in pristine condition. 


The quality and craftsmanship is just one quality trait that Dusky is known for. Combine its superb construction with affordable prices. That is a formidable combination to beat. The family stands behind what they build, which is part of the reason they have been around for so many years. Visit Dusky and look at all of the makes and models that they offer. These crafts are ideal for the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.