The greater Charleston, South Carolina area if filled with entertainment. The islands which are in close proximity offer excellent beaching experiences. In the city, you will find some of the most fantastic dining opportunities in the United States. Beyond the entertainment perspective, Charleston is entrenched in history. What is often overlooked is that Charleston is a coastal region rich in sea life. While you’re on a stay in Charleston, check out dolphin tours Charleston SC to catch a glimpse of nature. 

What are the best dolphin tours in Charleston, SC?

Charleston’s peninsula is limited on dockage space; however, this does not mean that you need to stray far to book Charleston dolphin tours. Three great companies are within a short drive or putting on the walking shoes to burn a couple of extra calories after you have indulged some of the great food the city serves up.

Carolina Marine Group

One of the most highly experienced captains owns Carolina Marine Group who has won an award for best boat captain in 2019. Captain Dave has two boats. One boat is offered for more personalized experiences, while the second is an 18 person party boat. 

Carolina Marine Group is more flexible and does not always follow a set schedule. Either of the two boats can be booked hourly and depends on the number of guests coming along with you. The dolphin tour will bring you into Shem Creek, which is a fun party spot. Captain Dave will tie up and let you and your friends and family stop in at the bar for a drink before continuing to see wildlife. 

The six-passenger boat is available for $200 per hour plus an 18% gratuity. For large groups, charter the 18 passenger craft at $400 per hour plus 18% gratuity if the party is 12 people or less. For over 12 guests, it is $500 per hour plus 18% gratuity. Board the boats at 17 Lockwood Drive. 

Sandlapper Water Tours

Two brothers developed this guide service. Natives of Charleston realized the need to create the opportunity for tourists and locals to get out on the water. Sandlapper has a wide range of options beyond just nature excursions.  

The Sandlapper vessel is much large and can accommodate up to 49 passengers. With the higher capacity, it will not be as personalized; however, they offer an excellent experience. The trip will include fantastic experiences like a touch tank built on the boat to get an up-close and personal experience with sea life, watch dolphins play, and land on a beach by boat to explore. 

A trip with a two-hour duration is $40 for adults, kids under 12 are $30, and under three are free. The nature trip is generally scheduled in the morning but keep in mind that it runs seasonally. Check-in with Sandlapper or visit them at 10 Wharfside Street. 

Holy City Boat Tours of Charleston

Captain Chad is a highly experienced captain who has boated on Charleston’s waters since he was a young child. Because of his background, Chad created Holy City Boat Tours of Charleston to let everyone enjoy the beauty of the waterways. He is happy to bestow his knowledge to educate you on your adventure. 

This tour offers a very personalized service. Captain Chad runs a 28-foot boat for the cruise and gives you more than just the opportunity to spot dolphins. You will be steered past historical landmarks, including retired navy ships, historic homes, and the wildlife that call Charleston home. 

The journey is two hours long, and the rates are $55 for those who are fifteen and up. Children between four and fourteen are $30. They are conveniently located at 185 Lockwood Drive. 

Each of these companies offers its own unique experience. Determine what is the best choice for you and your family and friends by visiting the websites or giving them a call. No matter which option you chose, you will view the city and coastal region from a completely different perspective. Most importantly, dolphins will be playing freely along the journey. 

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