Situated on the southern end of coastal South Carolina is Fripp Island. Fripp has over 1,400 homes in a gated community. Residents and tourists alike have the opportunity to explore all of the great amenities available. Whether you’re into beaching, exploring nature, fishing, dining, lounging poolside, golfing, or a combination of them all, Fripp Island has you covered. What is Fripp Island?

How Big Is Fripp Island, South Carolina

The island is over 6 square miles. Here you will find a vacation resort that is constructed with nature in mind. 

When you venture about the island, it becomes apparent that humans and nature were meant to coexist. The design incorporates maritime forests, marshlands, and salt ponds. As a result, deer, raccoon, fox, and other animals meander about in plain sight. 

Does Fripp Island Have a Beach

Yes, the beach extends for over three miles from north to south. The lower end of the beach culminates at Skull Inlet. To the north, the beach stops at Fripp Inlet. As a result, three miles of beach lay between each inlet.

In between these three miles are numerous access points to enter and exit the sandy shore. When you’re on the beach, explore the tidal pools that rise and fall with the tides. Here you can find crabs and fish. As you gaze offshore, keep an eye out for passing dolphins. 

In addition to sea life, the beach is home to various sea birds, including blue heron and pelicans. As a result of the large population of deer on the island, you will likely see them wandering along the sand in the early morning or late evening. 

Are Cars Allowed On Fripp Island

Cars are allowed on the island. Despite cars being allowed, golf carts are the primary mode of transportation.

Many rental homes are equipped with a golf cart that is included in the rental. Keep in mind that one can be rented on the island from  Island Golf Cart Rentals if a cart is not part of the vacation package. 

The best decision you can make when visiting the island is to utilize a golf cart. As a result, you will avoid coating the inside of your car with salt from wet bathing suits and sand from the beach. 

Is Fripp Island Expensive

Whether you’re going as a couple or family, a stay on the island is expensive. Both the resort and vacation rental companies offer homes and condos for rent on the island. Resort passes are required to use the amenities but can be purchased when renting with a company other than the resort. 

Keep in mind that there are many ways to save on cost. Consider renting a large home among numerous friends and family while dividing the expense. Another good option is to travel during the offseason, anytime except for the summer between June and August. 

Remember that although the island has restaurants, vacation properties are equipped with kitchens. Keep in mind that food can be purchased ahead of time and cooked during the stay to reduce restaurant expenses. 

Is Fripp Island, Private

Yes, it is a private island and, as a result, sits behind a gate to allow access only to those who live or visit this piece of land. 

When you plan a vacation, the gate will be notified of your arrival. As a result, when you pull up to the entrance, a pass will be provided. The pass allows you access in the community from the scheduled date of arrival to the scheduled departure date. 

For safety measures, security patrols the island both day and night. Remember to watch the posted speed limits because they are strictly enforced. However, this is to keep everyone safe between the car, golf cart, and pedestrian traffic. 

Plan your Visit To Fripp

For an island vacation not far from Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia don’t look past Fripp Island. Here you will find all of the activities you can ask for on one six square mile island. Keep in mind the winter temperatures can reach freezing points to try to book from the spring through fall. Family, friends, and children will have an enjoyable experience.