The next time you’re out saltwater fishing off of North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, keep a sharp lookout for what appears to be a large leaf floating by. Common to these waters, the triple tail has a leaf-like appearance and often lays sideways at the surface.  Anglers catch them triple tail fish both inshore and offshore. They are not only fun to catch but great to eat. 

How Do You Identify a Triple Tail

Just like the name sounds, it is easily identified by its three tail-like appearance. They have the same fins as most other fish, but the dorsal and anal fins are longer in size and rounded in shape. The coloration is often dependent on the water that it lives. They range between gray, yellow, brown, and black. 

How Big Do Triple Tail Fish Grow

The tripletail grows over forty pounds in weight, but these are hard to come by. Most often, they are caught between three and twelve pounds which is the perfect size for eating. The larger fish will likely not have the same taste qualities.

Where Can You Find Cobia

The triple tail range is as far north as Massachusetts all the way down through South Florida. They can be found both offshore and inshore 

In What Habitat Do Tripletail Live

Look for triple tail around any structure you can find, whether it is inshore or offshore. They are most frequently caught between May and July. 

When you’re offshore, look for weed lines, floating debris, or structures such as oil rigs. Tripletail will be within close proximity, and they are easy to spot in the clear Atlantic Ocean waters. 

The tripletail is also found inshore and also on structure. Look from the fish drifting along the beaches, around channel markers, and trap floats. 

Methods for Catching Tripletail

The method for catching cobia is quite simple. Medium rod and reel combinations are all that are necessary. Be prepared for big jumps and a smart fish that will try to wrap you around any obstacle.

What Tackle is Best

A wide range of rod and reel combinations will work from small spinning setups to offshore trolling gear. When sight fishing for Triple tail fish, a spinning combination is best for precise casting. A 30-pound rig will also do the job if you stumble across a few tripletail on a weed line when trolling. 

What Type of Lures and Bait Do Tripletail Eat

Some of the best live baits include live or dead shrimp, but live is preferred, small live baitfish, and cut bait strips when fishing for triple tail.  

The angler who prefers to use lures, bucktail jigs, mirror plugs, and Rapalas are ideal. Tripletail can often be caught by sight fishing and a perfectly placed cast of the lure. 

How Good Are Triple Tail To Eat

Some would consider the triple tail to be one of the best-tasting fish in the ocean. The fillets are often compared to those of grouper or snapper. The meat is firm in texture and white in color. 

A triple tail fish can be cooked in many ways. It is often baked or broiled but can also be stuffed with crab meat and shrimp or prepared on a gas or charcoal grill. Pick you’re seasoning and cook it until it easily flakes apart. 

Is It Worth Fishing For Triple Tail

Triple tail fish are absolutely worth targeting when fishing both inshore or offshore water of South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia. They often school up and, as a result, can be caught in abundance making for a great battle and leave you with a cooler full of fish for dinner. Remember to keep a sharp lookout out for what appears to be just an old leaf drifting by.