The next time you’re looking to tussle with a variety of catfish, many South Carolina lakes have an abundance of catfish species to be caught. Depending on where you live or traveling in from, lakes with catfish are situated throughout the state so that you can find something close. Go catfishing in South Carolina by choosing these top five lakes to catfish in South Carolina.

What types of catfish can be caught in South Carolinas lakes? 

The name catfish sounds funny, so many people ask what is catfishing? Catfishing is the act of catching catfish on any body of water in a multitude of different ways. 

In South Carolina, four different freshwater catfish types are found in bodies of water throughout the state. The catfish species include channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, and four varieties of bullhead the yellow, black, brown, and white. Other species include the flathead catfish, blue catfish, and channel catfish. 

Use These Tips On How To Catch Catfish In Lakes: South Carolina

When fishing any of the five best lakes in South Carolina. Use these tips and techniques on how to catch big catfish in lakes.

When determining how to catch catfish in a lake, the first step is to focus your attention on the bottom. The answer does of where to catch catfish does not come as a surprise because the fish is a bottom feeder.

Best Bait For South Carolina Lakes With Catfish

One of the top catfishing tips for lakes is choosing the proper bait. When selecting bait for catfish lakes near me in South Carolina the best options are chicken livers, nightcrawlers, and shad. Allow the bait to soak on the bottom of the South Carolina catfish lake until the fish strikes.

Best Fishing Line Set Up For South Carolina Lakes With Catfish

The best results are achieved when dropping lines in catfish lakes by matching the proper amount of weight for holding the bottom.

Select a weight heavy enough to hold the bottom above a swivel. Tie a leader line from the swivel extending two feet and attach a circle hook.

The size of the hook is depending on the type South Carolina catfish you are targeting. When focusing your attention on blue catfish or flathead catfish use larger hook sizes compared to bullheads and channel catfish.

Best Rod And Reel Setup For South Carolina Lakes With Catfish

When fishing the best place to catfish near me use the proper rod and reel set up, especially for flathead and blue catfish.

The blue catfish and flathead catfish average between 20 and thirty pounds therefore a level wind reel, medium to heavy rod, and 50-pound fishing line is a necessity to drag the fish from the bottom of the lake to the surface without it breaking free.

Best Catfishing Lakes in South Carolina

The best catfish spots near me may be located close to your home or where you plan to vacation. Choose the best sc fishing lake when targeting catfish near me. Pick from these lakes in South Carolina when catfishing.

Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell is one of the biggest lakes in the southeastern United States. It measures over 87 square miles. Not only is the lake large, but the catfish it holds are also hefty. 

Located on the border of both South Carolina and Georgia but situated on the western side of South Carolina. It is a perfect destination for residents of either state or those coming in from out of state. 

Sizeable blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish lurk in deep waters throughout the lake. The lake also holds the bullhead catfish as well. Most think that only muddy waters produce catfish. Lake Hartwell is a relatively clear lake but still holds catfish that are often overlooked. 

Lake Wateree

The lake is relatively small in size at 21 square acres. It was constructed in 1919 and is one of the oldest reservoirs in the state. 

The reservoir is positioned closer to the North Carolina border compared to Lake Hartwell. It measures 64 feet at its deepest point and has over 180 miles of shore. 

In addition to the bullhead and channel catfish, Lake Wateree also has an abundance of blue and flathead catfish. The most common type of catfish in the lake are sizeable blue catfish that are relatively common up to twenty pounds but exceed that. 

Lake Marion

Lake Marion is the biggest lake found in the entire state and is right next to Lake Moultrie. At over 110,000 acres and 315 miles of shoreline, you will have ample space to target catfish. 

A key feature about the lake is that it is smack dab in the center of the state. Even better is that the lake is divided in half by Interstate 95, making it easy to travel in from about anywhere. 

You name it; this lake has it. Every variety of bullhead calls Lake Marion home, in addition to blue catfish, flathead catfish, and channel catfish. Because of the lake’s size and the abundance of food, all species of catfish grow large. 

Lake Moultrie 

The lake was constructed in the 1940s, the reservoir was built to damn the cooper river. It is smaller than Lake Marion, measuring in at just under 95 square miles. 

Lake Moultrie is positioned just east of Lake Marion along the Francis Marion National Forest. Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie are connected via a canal. 

Despite it being smaller in size than neighboring Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie holds state records for more than one species. The lake itself has the record for the blue catfish and channel catfish, while the river below, called the Cooper River, holds the title for the largest flathead catfish. Needless to say, if you’re in the area, fish both lakes for a chance to catch a giant catfish. 

Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie dates back to 1904, when it was first constructed. It is over 12,000 acres in size and has 325 miles of shoreline. For a relatively small lake, it has a depth of over 90 feet. 

The lake is positioned along the North Carolina and South Carolina border in the state’s northeastern section. 

It is home to many bullhead species in addition to channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish. The summer months are ideal for catching catfish. 

So what’s the best South Carolina catfishing lake

The best catfish spots near me are scattered about South Carolina however, all of these five lakes will put you on catfish. If you’re looking for your best shot at enormous catfish, the choice is Lake Moultrie. For some, taking a shot at a record is not essential, and quantity is the better bet. Any of the lakes are producers, and you will undoubtedly have a good battle with any catfish you connect with on the end of the line. Consider where you are coming in from and how long of a drive you are willing to take. A short ride is just as productive to catch catfish. In the end, it will be worth it for the delicious catfish recipes you can make with your catch. Pick from the best place to catfish in South Carolina.