Often confused with sea trout is the weakfish. Both recreational and commercial fisherman targets weakfish. The fish is an excellent fighter when hooked by anglers. However, the fillets of weakfish make excellent table fare. The fish is common in the coastal waters of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. When it comes to catching or buying weakfish fillets, follow a weakfish recipe 

Is Weakfish Good To Eat

Yes, weakfish are excellent when prepared for a meal. The fillets are white and flaky when cooked with a mild flavor. One of the most common methods of preparation is broiling. The best seasoning is a combination of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a squeeze of lemon. Serve the cooked fish with tartar sauce for dipping and a side of coleslaw. 

How Do You Clean A Weakfish

The process of cleaning weakfish for meal preparation is straightforward. Always ice the fish from the moment it is caught until it reaches the fillet table to maximize freshness.

Select a sharp fillet knife and cut from the top of the fish behind the head at a slight angle downward behind the pectoral fins. 

Run the knife from the head to the tail above the spine. Cut the fillet free of the body of the fish. 

Once both fillets have been cut free, remove the rib cage by cutting away the lower section near the belly. 

Lastly, skin the fish by sliding the knife between the meat and the skin until the fillet falls away from the outer covering. Rinse and prepare for a meal. 

Are Weakfish And Sea Trout The Same

Despite their similar appearance, the weakfish and the sea trout are not the same. Each fish has two key differences. 

Fin Coloration

When it comes to identifying a weakfish versus a sea trout, look at the fins. Weakfish are notorious for brightly yellow collared fins when compared side by side with sea trout.


A second key difference is the size and distribution of black spots covering the upper half of the fish. 

Spotted sea trouts spots appear large and irregular compared to small and lined diagonally on the weakfish. 

Although a brief glance will cause confusion, upon further examination, the subtle differences become glaring. 

How Do You Catch Weakfish

Weakfish are an enjoyable species for anglers to target because of the long and robust runs on light tackle spinning gear.

Live Bait

We prefer live bait versus artificials. Both shrimp and finger mullet fished under a popping cork or on the bottom will generate strikes from weakfish.

Rig the live bait on a circle hook and reel tight once a weakfish tugs the float or bottom rig. 

Artificial Lures

Casting and trolling spoons and plugs along oyster beds is effective for generating strikes. Additionally, jigs tipped with scented soft plastics and bounced along the bottom are ideal around docks and other underwater structures. 

When landing a weakfish, utilize a net to prevent the hook from pulling free of the soft and fragile mouth. 

Where Can You Buy Weakfish Fillets

Weakfish is available for purchase at local fish markets and online sellers who ship fresh fish overnight directly to your front door. 

Local Fish Market

To locate a fish market near you, search seafood market near me on a phone, computer, or tablet. A list of fresh fish suppliers will display on the screen. Make sure to call and ask if weakfish is in stock before making the journey. 

Online Fish Supplier

Not much is more convenient than ordering fresh fish delivered to your door in the comfort of your own home. 

Numerous online fish distributors are found nationwide. We recommend ordering weakfish from Fulton Fish Market. Fulton Fish Market is a highly reputable company. 

Follow A Weakfish Recipe Of Your Choice The Next Time You Buy Or Catch The Fish

When fishing in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, you will likely catch weakfish when presenting baits in inshore waters. For those who are not anglers, no need to worry. The fillets are available for purchase in seafood stores and online fish markets. The white tender flesh is highly versatile; therefore, pick a weakfish recipe of your choice.