One of the tastiest crabs in the sea is blue crabs. The blue crab is widely distributed along the east coast and is commercially harvested in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Not only are they caught commercially but also recreationally. However, rather than fishing, here is what you need to know about buying bushels of crab and, in particular, how many blue crabs in a bushel.

What Kind Of Crabs Come In A Bushel

When purchasing crabs on the internet or from a local seafood market, the bushel is filled with live blue crabs. Blue crabs are harvested year-round and are abundant in coastal waters. 

The blue crab is sought after because of the taste and how versatile it is when it comes to preparation. Blue crabs are capable of being cooked in a multitude of methods. 

What Does Blue Crab Taste Like

A bushel of crabs is highly sought after because of the tasty meat. The white meat in the shell is white, sweet, tender, delicate, moist. The opportunities are endless when it comes to preparation because of the sweet and mild taste. 

When purchasing a bushel of blue crabs, consider these preparation methods, steaming, boiling, baking, and yes, even grilling. Blue crabs can be cooked whole or pre-cleaned to allow diners to access the meat quickly. 

For those new to eating bushels of crabs, the meat is contained in the legs, beneath the shell, and the claws. The claws are the most tender and sweet. 

Can Bushels Of Crabs Be Shipped Live

It is unlikely to find live blue crabs for sale at seafood markets that are inland of the coastal regions. Don’t worry, bushels of live blue crab are capable of being shipped nationwide fresh to your doorstep. 

The live blue crab are packaged appropriately to sustain life and is shipped to your home with a twenty four hour time span. 

How Many Crabs Do You Get In A Bushel

When it comes to the number of crabs contained within a bushel, it is dependent on the size of the bushel purchased. Seafood markets and online suppliers sell full or half bushels. Grocery stores are unlikely to sell live blue crabs, so avoid wasting your time. 

Planning for a gathering is challenging when determining how many live blue crabs are necessary. When ordering a bushel of crabs, decide between a half or whole bushel. 

A full bushel measures eight gallons in size but it is important to know how many is a bushel of crabs. The top shell of a blue crab from tip to tip averages five and a half inches in width. To answer the question of how many crabs are in a bushel, an entire bushel contains on average 84 blue crabs. Eighty-four blue crabs yield six pounds of meat. As you can surmise, each crab contains a minimal about of meat. When doing the math on how many blue crabs in a pound roughly 15 crabs equal one pound.

Keep in mind for smaller gatherings you will have the option to order a half bushel. If you’re wondering how many crabs in a half bushel generally you will have between 36 and 42 crabs in the half bushel.

How Much Is A Full Bushel Of Crabs

More than knowing how many crabs is a bushel is being prepared to shell out a pretty penny. The cost for a full bushel or half bushel does not come cheap. 

When purchasing a full bushel from a seafood market or online seafood supplier, the cost ranges between $350 and $450. When spending this amount of money, ensure that the size of the party is large enough to consume all of the crustaceans. 

A half bushel of blue crabs is more affordable. The cost ranges between $180 and $220. Again determine the number of guests before placing an order for bushels of crab. 

What Is The Best Supplier Of Blue Crabs Online

Take advantage of ordering fresh blue crabs from the comfort of your own home. We recommend Louisianna Crawfish Company. The crabs are available by the pound or case. Check out which option is best by visiting Louisianna Crawfish Companies blue crab webpage

How Many Blue Crabs Per Person

It is essential to estimate the number of blue crabs eaten per person accurately. A proper estimation will help to avoid under or over purchasing. Over purchasing results in waste, while under purchasing leaves your guests hungry. 

When determining how many blue crabs per person, the average person consumes between seven and twelve whole blue crabs. When hosting ten guests, one full bushel is suitable. With six or less guests, order a half bushel of blue crabs. 

Catch Blue Crabs On Your Own

Rather than ordering in crabs, take the opportunity to catch blue crabs if you live in the coastal areas of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

I have spent many days on the banks of rivers and creeks catching blue crabs in various ways including dip netting, hand lining, and in traps. During the summer peak season, buckets full of crabs are available and are caught within a minimal amount of time. Rather than spending money ordering in crabs, grab some chicken neck from the grocery store, buy a dip net, and drop it down to fill buckets in short order.

Now You Know How Many Crabs In A Bushel

Whether you visit a local seafood market or order online, knowing how many crabs come in a bushel and how many crabs in half bushel is essential. The tasty crustaceans make for a delicious meal and an exciting social experience because of the process involved in cracking and shelling meat. Order up a bushel of crabs for your next gathering with friends and family.