The state of Georgia features a beautiful landscape because the land ranges from level grounds to mountainous terrains. Lakes are widely distributed in both the low lands and portions with elevation. Fortunately, Catfish are caught across all of Georgia therefore they are easy to find. So what are the five best lakes to catch catfish in Georgia?

What Species Of Catfish Are In Georgia Lakes

In Georgia, many types of catfish can be caught by anglers fishing the lakes, creeks, and rivers, just like in South Carolina and North Carolina. North America has 49 varieties of catfish in the family.

Visitors and residents of all ages have the opportunity to catch the following catfishes. The smaller varieties include bullhead, yellow, brown, black, and white, and channel catfish which are best for young anglers. On the other end of the spectrum, the flathead and blue catfish fall into this category as far as size is concerned. 

Top Five Catfishing Lakes In Georgia

Lake Hartwell

Lake Hartwell sits parallel with the South Carolina and Georgia state line therefor it is easy to access from either state. The lake is one of the most popular recreational lakes in both states. 

With the lake sizing in at 56,000 acres, there is a substantial amount of water to catch catfish. Even more impressive than the acreage is the 900 plus miles of shoreline.

Don’t be concerned about variety. All types of freshwater catfish in the southeast including the bullhead, channel, flathead, and blue live in Lake Hartwell for anglers to catch.

Chatuge Lake

Yet another lake situated on a state line, Chatuge Lake, is in both Tennessee and Georgia. Chatuge lake is situated at the highest elevation in the state of Georgia. As a result of its elevation it sits at over 1,900 feet. 

The surface of the water is relatively small, measuring under 11 square miles. What is most impressive about spending time on Lake Hartwell are the mountain views. These views span throughout the 132 miles of shoreline therefore you will always catch amazing glimpses of nature. 

Althought the variety of catfish is limited, Chatuge Lake has a high population of channel cats for anglers to catch. 

Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee is one of the more recent reservoirs constructed in the state of Georgia. The lake was completed in 1979.

At 19,000 acres and over 370 miles of shoreline, anglers can venture out and explore numerous areas in hopes of finding large populations of catfish. 

Fortunately, anglers have a shot at catching the blue, flathead, channel, and bullhead catfish on Lake Oconee.  

Lake Lanier

Situated in the more undeveloped northeastern portion of Georgia lies the manmade lake. The reservoir is not only large but is also deep at 59 square miles and 156 feet of water at its deepest point. 

In the event you do not have ownership of a vessel, Lake Lanier offers excellent access from land to catch catfish. Therefore, save time and money.

Every type of freshwater catfish found in the southeastern United States calls Lake Lanier home including channel, flathead, blue, and bullhead.

Lake Sinclair

The manmade lake was constructed in 1953 and measure over 15,000 acres in size to fish and explore. 

Fortunately, the lake is positioned just two hours southeast of the city of Atlanta which allows for easy access as a weekend getaway from city life. With 500 miles of shoreline, anglers can tuck in numerous coves to explore new fishing grounds. 

The lake is home to two of the largest catfish species the flathead and blue. In addition to these, take a shot at catching cathing channel catfish.  

So What Is The Best Catfishing Lake In Georgia

For residents to the state of Georgia it is worth exploring each of these lakes for the excellent fishing opportunities they provide. For non residents, the most popular is Lake Hartwell because of all of the conveniences found in the vicinity. Before casting a line remember to obtain a freshwater fishing license. Try you luck at catching catfish in Georgia.