North Carolina is filled with lakes to provide entertainment for the whole family. Pleasure cruising, water activities, beaching, and fishing can be enjoyed on almost any lake in the state. Many anglers come to enjoy targeting catfish in North Carolina because the many species are abundant. What are the five best lakes to catch catfish in North Carolina?

What species of catfish are in North Carolinas lakes?

First and foremost, some don’t understand what catfishing means. Catfishing is engaging in the act of catching any form of catfish species by multiple methods. 

The four types of catfish found in the freshwater lakes, creeks, streams, and rivers are four species of bullhead the yellow, black, brown, and white. Other species include the flathead catfish, blue catfish, and channel catfish. 

Top five catfishing lakes in North Carolina

Lake Norman

Let’s start it with the best. Lake Norman, the largest lake in the state, is over 32,000 acres in size. The shoreline extends over 500 miles making for excellent fishing opportunities. 

The lake is positioned just north of Charlotte, North Carolina, making it an excellent destination for vacationers and locals to escape for a getaway.

Some of the largest catfish species lurk in these waters. Come with heavy equipment. The blue catfish and the flathead catfish are amongst the largest.  These two types can tip the scales at well over fifty pounds and can exceed one hundred. 

Badin Lake

The lake was formed back in 1917 as a result of the erection of a damn. Badin Lake is situated an hour and a half east of Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Badin Lake measures 5,350 acres. The lake is moderately large but extremely deep. The deepest part of the lake measures 190 feet in depth.

For those who are targeting catfish, the lake has large populations of both channel catfish and blue catfish. The largest blue catfish caught on Badin Lake was 91 pounds. The gentleman who had the first record beat himself!

Lake Sutton

Located just north of Willmington, North Carolina, is Lake Sutton. The lake is small in size measure just over a thousand acres.

Lake Sutton is a human-made reservoir that was built to cool powerplants that are nearby. The water temperatures stay longer because of the power generating plants. 

The most frequently sought after catfish in the lake are the bullhead and channel catfish. 

Lake Waccamaw

Situated away from many of the more densely populated areas of North Carolina is Lake Waccamaw. This lake is the largest of the natural lakes in the area. 

Lake Waccamaw is almost 9,000 acres in size and has nearly 14 miles of shore surrounding it. 

When you come to fish Lake Waccamaw, expect to find both channel catfish and white catfish lurking the bottom

Lake Phelps

At 16,000 acres, this lake is position on the more northern end of the state and within short proximity of the coastal waters. 

This lake is the second-largest natural lake in the state of North Carolina. If you’re on vacation and looking to fish both fresh and saltwater, they are within close proximity to each other. 

Lake Phelps has plenty of species to chose from, but if you’re looking for catfish, the channel catfish is the most plentiful. 

Conclusion Five catfishing lakes in North Carolina

When it comes time to head out for a day of catfishing from the shoreline or boat, consider any of these five lakes. A craft or shoreline can be just as productive to catch any species of catfish. Any of these catfish types make a great meal, so be sure to purchase a fishing license if you plan to both fish and harvest catfish. Purchase your North Carolina fishing license by clicking here.  The bottom-dwelling catfish will be a fun battle for the entire family.