Let’s face it, fishing tackle, when purchased new from a store, is expensive hence the need to buy used gear. There is an abundance of anglers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina due to the expansive coastline, lakes, rivers, and streams. With all of the fishermen, the tackle business booms, in turn driving up cost. Use these tips to find used fishing tackle near me.

Why Should Anglers Purchase Used Fishing Tackle

While there are several reasons, first and foremost, the primary driving factor is cost. High-quality fishing equipment is expensive to purchase from retail stores. However, the investment in quality gear most frequently lasts a lifetime. Of course, we do not all have the budget for purchasing new. 

Considering the cost is the number one issue that deters people from purchasing new gear, used fishing tackle is an excellent alternative. Additionally, there are many avenues to search for used fishing equipment which is local to you.

Beyond cost, like-new fishing gear is frequently found when the buyer remains patient. Undoubtedly, people purchase new fishing tackle with the hopes and dreams of casting a line but, in fact, never do so. 

As with buying anything used, the gear must be closely inspected to ensure it is not damaged.

What Should A Buyer Look For When Purchasing Used Fishing Gear

Many anglers mistreat fishing gear by failing to maintain the components or rinsing saltwater away in coastal areas. Of course, don’t forget to ask the seller the level of maintenance performed on the gear.


Let’s face it, a used high-quality rod in good condition versus a new low-quality rod is a better buy. 

Inspect the rod by ensuring that the finish is glossy, the eyes, otherwise known as guides, are not broken, and the connection points of the butt and reel seat are sturdy.


We see it time and time again. Used gear purchasers fail to check the drag on a reel. Ensure that the drags are functioning correctly by locking them down and applying resistance.

In addition to confirming the functionality of the drags, inspect the reels closely for dings, scratches bends, and sounds when spinning the handle. All of these signs reveal mistreatment.

Fishing Lures

The purchase of used fishing lures and accessories is far less stressful than buying rods and reels. Lures and accessories are far more straightforward to inspect.

Keep an eye out for bent hooks, corrosion, and paint finishes on lures to ensure they have not been scratched away.

What Are The Best Places To Find Used Fishing Tackled

Used fishing tackle is found in a multitude of places. Use all of the resources available to locate when you’re searching for but remain patient. Failure to locate the best available option leads to gear that is unlikely to last. 


The internet is the most robust tool to find used gear because of the numerous listing platforms available. 

When searching for fishing tackle on the internet, make your best effort to find local gear; therefore, you can inspect before purchase. 

The best-used fishing tackle platforms include Craigslist, Facebook, fishing forums, and community posting sites. 

Tackle Shops

A second option is to visit a local tackle shop. Mom and pop tackle shops frequently offer used fishing gear.

One of the benefits is the fact that a wide selection is available to inspect. In addition to the wide selection, the shop may offer a limited warranty should unexpected issues arise. To find a shop, search tackle shop near me. 

Now You’re Ready To Purchase Used Fishing Tackle 

Now that you know how to find fishing tackle near me, it is time to find the gear that best suits your needs. In addition to fitting your needs, purchase only equipment that is in excellent working condition. Contrary to popular belief, top-notch used fishing gear is available and can last a lifetime.