One of the best boating cities along the North Carolina coast is Wilmington, North Carolina. Here you will find an abundance of marinas and launching facilities. Whether you’re an inshore fisherman or offshore fisherman, the city provides excellent access to both. If you’re coming to the area and need bait and tackle, check out a Wilmington tackle shop near me. 

What Type of Fish Can be Caught in Wilmington, North Carolina

Decide to stay close to home by fishing inshore waters or venture as far as the gulf stream 55 miles offshore. 

Popular Inshore Fish Species

The inshore waters of Wilmington are home to a variety of fish that anglers enjoy fighting on light to medium tackle. Anglers have the opportunity to catch an abundance of redfish, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, sea trout, and blue crab. Furthermore, all of these make an excellent meal. 

Popular Offshore Fish Species

Unlike inshore fishing, offshore fishing requires long runs in seaworthy boats. Wilmington’s offshore fishing is productive for blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish, and more. Sear up tuna or wahoo for a fabulous dinner. 

How do You Find a Bait and Tackle Shop Near me in Wilmington, North Carolina

Contrary to popular belief, not all tackle shops sell live bait. Conversely, not every angler requires a bait shop. Therefore, find the right stop for a tackle shop near me. 

The vast majority of tackle shops in the Wilmington area will offer both inshore and offshore fishing equipment. Locals will know what type of species to target and when as opposed to visitors. 

Fish in the Wilmington area are seasonal, so it is never wrong to consult a local shop for an expert’s opinion. Ask the store clerk what is bitting in addition to the gear and bait required to make it a successful day. 

Keep in mind, specialized gear and seaworthy boats are required to run the distance to blue water. Never attempt long-range runs without being adequately equipped. 

The most straightforward way to finding a Wilmington, NC tackle shop is by utilizing your handheld device. Simply type in the search window of the browser tackle shop near me. Undoubtedly, a complete list will pull up searching in the Wilmington area. 

Should you only require bait, search for bait shop near me. A significant number of marinas and ramps will sell bait. 

Try These Three Great Bait and Tackle store near Wilmington, North Carolina

Intracoastal Anglers

It is conveniently located at Oleander Drive, between downtown Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. The store has gear, clothing, and everything in between. 

Don’t be shy; ask the friendly staff where and what the fish are biting. They are glad to lend a helping hand to make your day of fishing enjoyable. 

One drawback to Intracalstal Anglers is the fact that they do not offer live bait. Nevertheless, the store has all of the inshore and offshore gear you can imagine. 

Tex’s Tackle

Tex’s is situated near the intersection of Market Street and Eastwood Road. The 6,000 square foot showroom offers all types of fishing gear, including bait. 

The store sells all major brands, including Penn, Gotcha Lures, Owner, Star Rods, Mustad, and more. Tex’s is a favorite of charter captains because it is a one-stop-shop. 

While you are in Tex’s Tackle, remember to pick up bait rather than needing to make an addtional stop.

So What is The Best Bait and Tackle Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina

The most important point is to search tackle shop near me to find all of the fishing stores within the vacinity. Despite the quality of the search, your best bet is to visit Tex’s Tackle. They have the best selection of fishing gear between the two locations.The store has everything an angler can imagine. In addition to fishing gear and bait, the staff is helpful and will guide you on where to catch more fish. Remember, the Wilmington waters have an abundance of fish.