When it comes to boat ownership, Yamaha and Mercury are the most widely known marine engines. However, not far behind in market share is the Suzuki engine, and it should not be overlooked. Suzuki manufactures outboard motors with the most innovative and cutting-edge technology. When the outboard motor requires service or repair, here is how to find a Suzuki mechanic near me. 

What Is the History of Suzuki 

Suzuki is widely known for its production of cars, engines, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and outboard marine engines. 

The Japanese company was founded by a brilliant engineer in the year 1909. The name of the engineer was Michio Suzuki. Since its inception, the Suzuki corporation has spread across the world as a result of it’s quality. 

Despite the company developing its first marine engine in 1965, it officially established the outboard marine division in 1977. The first outboard motor manufactured by Suzuki measured 5.5 horsepower. compared to today’s 350 horsepower beast as a result of modern engineering. 

The outboard engines produced by Suzuki include state-of-the-art technology. Some of which include dual injector, self-adjusting timing chain, two-way water inlet, and most importantly, run at a low decibel rate. 

Between 1987 and 2017, Suzuki was awarded numerous National Marine Manufacturers Association awards due to its innovation.

Suzuki first entered the United States market in 1981 in California. However, recent changes have shifted marine operations from California to Florida.

The reason for relocating the marine division’s headquarters to Tampa, Florida, was to become more central to the country’s area with the highest percentage of boats. As a result, Suzuki established more robust relationships with boat manufacturers and vendors.

Do Boaters Prefer Inboard Or Outboard Motors?

Boaters disagree on engine preference. There are numerous conflicting opinions when comparing the two.

However, the outboard motor technology of today is superb, which has shifted diehard inboard boaters to outboard for the following reasons.


Gone are the days of climbing into a confined hatch below deck to repair an inboard motor. Outboards are easily accessible and prevent the owner or mechanic from breaking their back in the process. 


Outboards allow the vessel to be highly maneuverable. As a result of increased maneuverability, operators better navigate confined spaces such as marinas. 

Space Savings

Outboard motors securely mount to the transom of the vessel. The location, increases interior space for sitting and walking. 

How Do You Find A Suzuki Outboard Mechanic Near Me

The Suzuki Outboard motor corporation has relationships with boat mechanic shops and dealerships nationwide.

Boaters located in regions with access to waterways such as lakes, rivers, coastal areas, and the ocean will have ample opportunity to find a dealer or mechanic. 

The best method to locating a mechanic in your area is to utilize the internet. On your phone, computer, or tablet, search Suzuki boat mechanic near me. An even easier option is to use the dealer locator page on the companies website.

After searching for an outboard mechanic, utilize the list. Based on the list, select a mechanic or dealership. Despite the convenience, avoid using the services of the closest dealer when a more reputable dealership may be slightly further. 

How To Determine Who Is A Reliable Outboard Mechanic

Boat owners deal with ups and down’s primarily as a result of improper maintenance by mechanics.

As a result of mechanics looking to cut corners our gouge you on repair, finding a reliable mechanic to utilize consistently is essential.

Mechanics and dealers who routinely maintain your vessel will better manage the engine needs to avoid unexpected and costly repairs.

The best method to finding trustworthy outboard repair shops and technicians is through word of mouth. Ask fellow boat owners their opinion. Most often, the feedback will lead to a consensus. 

While you’re searching the list of dealers and mechanics, make sure to read online reviews. Online reviews can be telling but are not always accurate. 

Although price gouging does occur, the lowest price is not always the best price. Paying for trained professionals saves money long term. 

Head To A Suzuki Repair Shop Near Me

Suzuki engines are highly dependable. As a result of Suzuki’s dependability, you will avoid time in the shop. Remember to always perform routine maintenance on schedule. The next time you’re in the market for a new boat or engine upgrade, don’t hesitate to look beyond the mainstream engines like Yamaha and Mercury. Suzuki’s market share is on the rise.