The Evinrude company was based in the United States out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In Sturtevant, outboard motors were manufactured and disrupted not only nationwide but worldwide. The engines most recently were known for both reliability and power and, as a result, became a trusted brand among recreational and commercial boaters. When the outboard requires service, here is how to find an Evinrude Mechanic near me. 

What Is the History of Evinrude 

The outboard company was founded in 1907. Through its time in operation, it partnered with engineers and manufacturers in its attempts to deliver a top-performing motor to propel boats through the water. 

Interestingly enough, the Evinrude developed the first-ever outboard motor in 1909. Therefore the company paved the way for the modern technology of today. 

Between 1990 and 2000, the Evinrude company was tumultuous. Due to new environmental regulations changes were necessary. As a result, outboard motor companies altered production. Engineers were required to design engines with reduced emissions.

Evinrude partnered with a company out of Germany to lower emissions. Unfortunately,  the results of the first attempt were a complete failure as engineering failed final testing. 

Evinrude haphazardly converted existing engines to modern emissions standards required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Again, the results were unsuccessful and resulted in the majority of engines facing powerhead failure. 

With all of the mishaps and competitors gaining market share, Evinrude filed bankruptcy in 200. In 2001 Bombardier took control of manufacturing and operations. Just 19 years later, in 2020, Evinrude ceased production as an outboard motor brand.

Despite closing the doors, the company continued to honor its service agreements which is fortunate for you as a boat owner. 

Why Do Most Boaters Prefer Outboard Motors?

Outboard motors propel small tenders to large offshore vessels. The outboard motor is highly versatile. 

Boaters prefer outboards because they are simple to service. Owners and mechanics avoid crawling into confined spaces to make the necessary repairs or perform routine maintenance

Beyond maintenance, the overall cost of an outboard between purchasing the motor, mounting, and running electric to the helm comes at a lower price than inboards or inboard/outboards.

Outboard motors mount on the stern of the vessel. The placement prevents losing interior space. As a result the boat is spacious for family and guests. 

Lastly, outboards allow for the vessel to be more maneuverable. Increased maneuverability will make tight docking situations a far more manageable experience. 

How Do You Find An Evinrude Boat Mechanic Near Me

Just because Evinrude closed its doors does not mean that you cannot find a reliable boat mechanic to service the outboard engine. 

Marine mechanics distributed across the United States. Service centers are found by lakes and coastal areas. 

The best approach to finding a mechanic in your area is to utilize the internet. On your phone, computer, or tablet, search Evinrude boat mechanic near me. 

After a search, a complete list of mechanics display on the screen. Despite the convenience, you should consider driving a farther distance for the most reputable marine mechanic. 

How To Determine Who Is A Reputable Marine Mechanic

Seasoned boat owners have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with inexperienced or unethical boat mechanics. 

To find a dependable mechanic to service your Evinrude outboard motor and utilize the following methods to vet the repair shop.

Ask fellow boat owners which mechanic they recommend, generally you will find a trend of the most highly recommended.

Read online reviews of customer’s experiences. Insight from other patrons is very telling and reveals both the good and the bad.

Try your best to gauge the issue or maintenance cost before bringing the boat to the shop. Upon receipt of the estimate, call around and compare repair and service costs. Comparisons will ensure the fee is in line with industry standard. 

Head Out To An Evinrude Repair Shop Near Me

Evinrude owners do not need to worry about finding service centers for the discontinued engine brand. Nationwide there are plenty of service centers. Utilize the service center finder hosted by the Evinrude website. Here you find a complete list of repair shops that will handle the routine maintenance and repairs. Despite the factories closing down, Evinrude stands behind its products.