One of the most widely used engines to propel boats are made by Mercury. Mercury produces both inboard and outboard motors. Many dealers repair and sell Mercury marine engines in the southeastern United States, such as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Follow these tips to find a Mercury dealer near me. 

Where Are Mercury Engines Made

The boat engines are manufactured between six different plants. Fond Du Lac, situated in Wisconsin, is the largest and produces the most motors per year. 

How Do You Find A Mercury Dealer In Your Area

Fortunately, there are over 4,000 Mercury and Mercruiser dealers in the United States. As a result, it will not be challenging to find a repair center or dealership near your location.

The internet is the best tool for finding a Merc dealer or repair center. On a computer, tablet, or phone, search in the web browser for Mercury dealer near me. A list of dealerships near your location will pull up on the screen. 

Why Do People Buy Engines Independently From Boats

Newly manufactured boats are fitted with engines from the plant the vessel was built. Marine engines, over time, become tired and are more prone to breakdowns once 1,500 running hours have accumulated. 

The boat’s hull does not have similar mechanical components to a motor that wears down and creates issues. As a result, the old engine or engines can be swapped with new motors while utilizing the same boat hull. The savings in cost is substantial. 

Low Horsepower Mercury Marine Engines

An engine swap on vessels with marine motors over 50 horsepower requires specialized equipment and training. 

Small boats such as Jon Boats and others similar in size do not have permanently affixed motors. Instead, the motor is placed on the watercraft and secured to the vessel by screws. Conversely, the engine is then removed for storage purposes. Lastly, the motor is equipped with a hand throttle and tiller for steering because it does not have a steering wheel. 

What is The Importance Of Buying Or Repairing Motors From A Certified Dealer Mercury Dealer Near Me

Utilizing the services of a certified Mercury marine engine dealer is vital for a multitude of reasons. 

First off, the technicians undergo rigorous training on Mercury engines’ installation, service, and repair. The training ensures that the work performed will be done the first time correctly. 

Secondly, it is essential to develop a relationship with the dealership whom the Mercury motor is being purchased. During the lifespan of the engine, you will rely heavily on the services the dealer offers. The dealer will know you and your marine engine and work to keep you out of the shop and on the water. 

Who Is The Closest Competitor To Mercury

The largest competitor to Mercury Marine is Yamaha. The two hold the majority of the market share, with Yamaha coming out on top. However, there are more Mercury dealers in the United States when compared to Yamaha. Therefore, it will not be a challenge to locate a Mercury dealer near me.

How Much Is A New Mercury Outboard

Pricing a new Mercury engine is highly dependent on the size of the motor. The smallest merc comes at $4,000, while the largest and most powerful engine in the family costs $28,0000. Be prepared to break out the wallet. Lastly, mounting a new motor will come at an additional expense. 

It’s Time To Find A Mercury Dealer Near Me

Whether you’re looking for a small outboard to scoot you around the pond or a 300 horsepower monster, they will be found at a dealer near you. Mercury engines are some of the most reliable on the market and are offered at competitive pricing. When it’s time for a new motor or repair, use the internet to find a Mercury dealer near me.