One of the most notable campgrounds in coastal Georgia is Skidaway Island State Park. The state park spans 588 acres and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Furthermore, the campground is positioned along the intercoastal waterway, which provides marsh coastal views from the miles of trails. If you’re looking for a spot to camp along the Georgia coast, here is what you need to know about Skidaway Island campground. 

Where Is Skidaway Island Campground Located

The campground is located on Skidaway Island, about 25 minutes outside of downtown Savannah, Georgia. 

Campers visiting the island have no trouble locating the state park because the entrance road is positioned just a quarter mile from the bridge as you enter the island. 

I am a resident of Skidaway Island in the Landings Community. Without question, the campground is extremely busy, as I see campers entering and exiting the park daily. Furthermore, I often visit the park to hike the trails. 

Skidaway Island Camping Accommodations

The campsites themselves are located in one area of the 588-acre property. Skidaway Island State Park has 87 tent, trailer, and RV campsites. Considering the size of the property, the number of campsites is limited. 

With that said, I recommend making a reservation well in advance. I often see the sign noting that no space is available and all of the campsites are reserved. Lastly, one of the most convenient parts of camping on Skidaway is that the Publix grocery store is located on the island. 

Camper Cabins

In addition to bringing your own RV, tent, or trailer, you can opt to reserve any of the three camper cabins. 

The camper cabins are a great option if you don’t have camping equipment but want to experience coastal Georgia and the state park specifically. Without questions, the camper cabins will make you feel as if you’re at home. The cabins are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, electric, running water, a screened-in porch, and more. 

Camping Yurts

Beyond the camper cabins, you’ll have another option if you don’t own camping gear. The second option is to reserve a yurt. 

Similar to the camping cabins, the park is home to 3 yurts. The yurts offer fewer amenities compared to the camping trailers. 

A yurt is similar in shape to a tent; however, it allows you to stand up as compared to crouching down. Within the yurt are beds, a couch, and a table for dining. 

It should be noted that the winter temperatures fall into the freezing range during the nights. With that said, you won’t need to worry about staying warm as the yurts are heated. 

Explore The Skidaway Island Interpretive Center

One of the most fun things to do when camping on Skidaway Island is visiting the interpretive center. The nature center was recently rebuilt and is a sight to see. 

Often, I visit the nature center with my kids before hiking the trails. Within the interpretive center are tanks with turtles and fish. Additionally, glass enclosures were constructed as a habitat for snakes. 

Considerations When Skidaway Island Camping

Importantly, there are a few things that should be noted when camping on Skidaway Island. Here is what you need to know. 

The Area Is Subject To Tropical Weather

During the late summer and early fall, Skidaway Island is at risk of facing tropical storm force or hurricane force winds. 

With that said, if you’re planning a camping trip during hurricane season, make sure to monitor the weather. If a storm is expected, cancel your plans. 

Trees Will Fall

No matter if it is hurricane season or not, the island is home to an abundance of trees that are at risk of falling. 

Some of the prettiest trees in America are the live oak trees. Live oaks are widespread on Skidaway Island. In addition to live oaks, there are a significant number of pines. 

Skidaway Island is composed of sandy soil. With that said, this type of soil does not hold roots as well as other types of soil. In times of heavy rains and strong winds, trees are likely to fall down. 

In the adjacent Landings community, trees fall regularly. Take it from me: as a resident, I have seen dozens of houses crushed. Be aware when camping, and if need be, move into a vehicle rather than a tent. 

Go Camping At Skidaway Island Campground

One of the most scenic areas in the United States is coastal Georgia. The combination of the maritime forests, marshland, and wildlife makes it a must-see. I am fortunate enough to see its beauty on a daily basis. Take the opportunity to go camping at the Skidaway Island campground.