The new trend in fishing is to utilize a golf cart as a means of transportation. No need to pack up the car or boat. Golf cart communities provide ample opportunity to catch fish in saltwater, freshwater, and, even better yet, both. Whether it be beach towns or inland lakes, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina have numerous communities that allow electric or gas carts. Pick up these top 4 accessories to make your golf cart fishing trip more productive and reduce hassle.

Why Golf Cart Fishing Accessories Are Necessary

Even the largest golf carts lack storage space. As a result, the amount of fishing gear must be maximized in minimal storage areas. Avid fisherman investing in the equipment pays off in the long run.  

Golf Cart Mounted Fishing Rod Holders

Holding fishing rods by hand while navigating the streets is a no-go. The driver and passenger are put at risk due to managing the equipment in hand while steering.

In addition to the likelihood of crashing, rods become severely damaged if the tip strikes the ground or the combo falls and makes contact with the pavement. Even worse, the reel may become run over and crushed. 

To avoid injury and damage to expensive gear, invest in rod holders. Rod holders are manufactured to bolt to the roof or affixed to the back of the cart. Remember, the storage space does not need to be designed specifically for golf carts. Standard rod holders can be mounted. 

Keep in mind that rods and reels in a holder which extend upward above the roof can contact trees and tunnels. Pull the combos out before passing low passages. 

Keep The Fresh Catch Cold In A Cooler

Don’t let the fish being caught go to waste because they spoiled in the hot sun. Pack a cooler filled with ice to store the fresh catch before they hit the fillet table. 

The majority of golf carts have a fold-out back seat that lies flat for ample storage of oversized items. Measure the area and purchase a cooler which fits appropriately. Add in a few bungee cords to prevent the new cooler from falling off the back and smashing into pieces. 

One piece of advice is to utilize a second cooler much smaller in size. Store the second cooler filled with food and drinks on the seat next to you to avoid making contact with the fish. 

Bring Along The Lures In A Tackle Bag

Leave the clunky massive tackle box behind. The amount of gear needed to catch fish will be minimal. 

An easy grab tackle bag is key. Purchase a tackle bag that is no larger than 12 inches long by 10 inches high. The purpose of a small bag goes beyond storage. When hopping off a cart venturing by foot to the fishing hole, you won’t be lugging an enormous and unnecessary tackle box.

Remember, all tackle bags should include the following items fishing pliers, sunscreen, a rag for handling fish, measuring tape, and of course, the terminal tackle and lures. 

Keep The Live Bait Alive

When fishing with live bait from a golf cart, it is critical to keep them alive. The bumpy paths and sharp turns can overturn a bucket, causing all baitfish or shrimp to be lost. 

Pack a bait bucket with a lid and secure it to the golf cart. An even better option is to utilize a live well that is rectangular shaped and has a zipper or snap top. In the event it overturns, the bait will remain inside. 

Visit The Local Outdoor Shop For These Top 4 Golf Cart Fishing Accessories

Fishing from a golf cart costs far less money than investing in a boat. Pick up these accessories to help you remain organized on your next fishing trip. Believe it or not, in many neighborhoods, you will have the opportunity to hit hundreds of fishing spots. Although it did not make the list, remember to pack a camera.