One of the most entertaining things to do is head out fishing by golf cart. I am fortunate to live in a golf cart community that is home to over 150 freshwater and saltwater ponds and lagoons. With that said, I can tell you exactly how to set up your cart for a day of fishing. Here is what you need to know about getting your golf cart converted to a fishing golf cart. 

Fishing Gear And Accessories Must Be Secured

I’ll be the first to admit that I have had plenty of golf cart fishing accessories go flying off the cart while underway. Furthermore, I have witnessed plenty of expensive equipment go airborne, including coolers, bait buckets, tackle boxes, and more. 

With that said, it is essential to secure fishing equipment to your golf cart while driving. Here are methods for securing your gear. 

Utilize Bungee Straps

One of the most effective methods for keeping fishing gear in place is by utilizing bungee straps. The straps connect easily to the railings. Importantly, the back seat of most carts folds flat. With that said, place your gear on the flat surface.

Once the equipment is in position, look for the best points of connection for the bungee. After strapping down the gear, attempt to move it out of position to simulate the conditions while driving. 

Install Rod Holders

As we all know, fishing rods are prone to breaking, and this is especially the case if they fall off a moving golf cart. 

One popular method to secure rods is by placing rod holders on the roof, allowing them to lay flat. However, I don’t prefer this method because they are difficult to reach. 

Rather than laying them flat, I suggest mounting the holders to the back of the golf cart behind the rear seats. In this position, they will be able to pull out with ease. I often sight fish when driving along ponds with my cart. In the event you see cruising fish, you want to be ready at that specific moment. 

Purchase A Golf Cart With Lights Or Install Lights

Without question, all golf carts intended for fishing should have lights mounted on the front. Some of the best times to catch fish are at sunrise and sunset. With that said, you’re going to need lights to drive safely to your pond or lagoon. 

Furthermore, lights are beneficial if you’re fishing in low-light conditions. The lights will allow you to see your fishing line better when tying new rigs or dealing with tangles. 

I use my lights on a regular basis when fishing in the evening or after the sun has set. 

Keep An Eye On The Height Of Your Fishing Gear

My community is lined with countless miles of golf cart paths. However, in some cases, the trails pass through tunnels with a minimal amount of clearance. With that said, you’re going to need to be mindful of the height of your gear. 

Unfortunately, I have clipped a couple of rods while passing through tunnels. However, don’t assume it’s just tunnels. In some cases, driving off of paths winds through tree lined dirt paths. The trees are equal culprits to damaging gear from low clearance. 

With that said, make sure that your rods will pass under trees and tunnels before attempting to venture underneath. One of the best ways to prevent rod damage is to angle the rod holders backward. The vertical clearance is significantly maximized. Without angling the rods, they will extend beyond the height of the roof. 

Grab And Go Pliers And Knife

The last thing you want to do when fishing with your golf cart is to deal with digging for your pliers and knife. 

With that said, mount the pliers and the knife to one of the railings on the cart. In some cases, fishing rod holders are constructed with a plier and knife holder. Another option is to apply velcro to the knife and golf cart. The knife or pliers can easily be pulled free when needed. However, remember to replace the velcro periodically, as it will wear out. 

Set Your Fishing Golf Cart Up The Right Way

Setting up a fishing golf cart the right way will make you more efficient and help you prevent damaging your expensive gear. Again, I fish regularly with my cart, so I know how to do it properly. Remember to perform regular maintenance on your golf cart batteries so that you won’t run into any issues when it comes down to your day of fishing.