Bring along your rolling hotel the next time you visit Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. You can’t beat having everything packed into one vehicle where you can cook, eat, sleep, and have the scenery of a new destination. Lake Hartwell is a perfect destination for the camper who enjoys engaging in water activities like boating, fishing, or just sitting on the shore and looking out over the lake. Some RV campgrounds even come with a dock to keep your boat in the water during your stay. Book a trip to an RV park on Lake Hartwell that is boater friendly.

Do RV Resorts On Lake Hartwell Have Boat Launches And Docks

The area has over fourteen campgrounds on the shores of the lake to choose from. Almost every RV park is equipped with either a boat ramp or a boat dock.

Having a boat dock at the campground is most convenient because the craft is in the water, ready and waiting for you. However, some trailer parks have boat ramps to launch and retrieve your boat for each use. The benefit to this is the ability to store the boat and trailer on your campsite.

How do you find RV camping sites in the Lake Hartwell area?

When you’re in the lake’s vicinity and deciding on a campground, you may need to call around because of availability. Search RV parks near me on your cell phone or tablet, and a full list of options will load up. If you’re looking for a park with resort-like amenities, search RV resorts near me.

Remember, it’s always best to book far in advance, particularly for weekend and holiday stays during the prime summer months.

Top Three RV Resorts On Lake Hartwell

Check out these three camping options.

Watsadler Campground

The campground is on the shores of Lake Hartwell and measures 36 acres in size. The land is fairly heavily wooded, so ample shade is available. Take your pick at any one of the 51 campsites with space for RV’s.

What amenities are available?

Two playgrounds for the children

Electrical connections

Three restrooms with two containing showers

Boat ramp and boat dock

Ample parking

Waterfront Campsites

Watsadler is perfect for the camper who enjoys spending time on the water. Reserve a waterfront campground and utilize the ramp and boat dock to explore what Lake Hartwell offers.

Twin Lakes Campground

Situated right on Lake Hartwell, the most popular campground in the area is Twin Lakes. The property is sprawled out over 152 acres. The grounds have over 100 sites available and many of which are on the lake where a boat can be pulled up to and anchored or beached.

What amenities are available?

Five playgrounds for families

Electrical connections

Five separate shower buildings

Beach accesses on the gates

Waterfront Campsites

Just outside of the gate is a section of the campground that is open for public access. Here you will find a boat ramp and two other beaches.

Twin Lakes Campground is one of the most extensive options in the area, with all of the amenities you could ask for. Keep in mind that no dockage is available, so reserve a waterfront site, launch your boat, and beach it at your campsite.

Oconee Point Campground

Located on the South Carolina side of the lake is Oconee Point Campground. This wooded campground extends 70 acres on the banks of Lake Hartwell and features 70 campsites. The campground boat ramp and courtesy dock are ideal for the boater or fisherman.

What amenities are available?

Two playgrounds

Electrical connections

Five bathrooms three which include showers

Boat ramp with a dock to utilize when parking a vehicle

Beach access within the gates

Oconee Point is perfect for those looking to escape to a destination that offers boat access. Depending on where you’re coming in from, this spot may be a short distance because it is located in South Carolina.

It’s Time To Book The Best Boating RV Resorts Near Me At Lake Hartwell

No matter if you’re coming in to stay in an RV, trailer, or tent, make sure to bring along a boat to enjoy all the Lake Hartwell has to offer. The beaching, fishing, watersports, and just plain old sightseeing or a combination of them all will make your day go by in a flash. Remember, if you’re going fishing, get a state’s freshwater license from South Carolina or Georgia. Either one is acceptable. Book your site early during the prime season, such as the Fourth of July or almost any summer weekend. Don’t miss out on exploring Lake Hartwell by boat and setting up your campsite on its shores.