With the boater in mind who may be an avid fisherman, the next time you’re in Savannah, Georgia, you need to consider Savannah dining. Some of the best food in Savannah is seafood sourced locally without having to book a charter or bring along the boat. What are the best places to eat in Savannah, particularly those that feature seafood on the menu?

Check Out The Three Best Seafood Restaurants In Savannah

Leave the boat back home and check out the best seafood restuarants Savannah Ga. Take it from me, I love eating seafood and I have dinned at a lot of Savannah seafood restaurants. Here are the top three options when it comes to ordering up seafood from a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

1790 Restaurant

Step into an elegant structure that features both dining and lodging. It is one of the best finest Savannah restaurants historic district. The bar and dining rooms will allow you to step back in time. Don’t let the building’s beauty and restaurant fool you into thinking it’s too high class and expensive.

1790 Restaurant is popular among both tourists and locals alike. The bar is a laid back atmosphere that welcomes those who come in shorts and t-shirts. What’s even better are the fair prices for menu items like fresh local shrimp, crab cakes, and more. 

When you come in, take your pick of a more casual dining experience at the bar or request a table in the historic dining room. 1790 tops my list when it comes to the best seafood restaurants in Savannah Ga.

Sorry Charlies

Commonly known as one of the best restaurants in Savannah, Sorry Charlies offers both great food and a great atmosphere. They are situated right in Ellis Square, so it is conveniently located. 

Sorry Charlies is among the top restaurants in Savannah because it also features a rooftop bar which is unique when it comes to seafood restaurants in Savannah Ga. Sit inside at the large bar or on the rooftop while sipping cocktails and eating local favorites like Blue Crab crab cakes, oysters, red snapper from the Georgia waters, and shrimp prepared many ways.

Stop in for happy hour to enjoy the sunset or traffic strolling by while looking out the large glass windows. 

Savannah Seafood Shack

Step into the most laid back restaurant of our top recommendations. Its located on Broughton Street, which is lined with shops and restaurants up and down its entire length. Although it doesn’t resemble a shack from the outside, the inside will give you that feel. 

Savannah Seafood Shack isn’t a sit-down and order type of place. Walk up to the counter and make your selection before picking your own inside or outside seat. 

One of the reasons people visit the Lowcountry is to feast on a Lowcountry boil, and that is what they are known for. If you’re looking for a mix of local flavors, order a combo meal. They also know how to fry everything up for a great seafood basket. You won’t leave hungry. 

Is Savannah A Good City for Seafood? 

The local commercial fishing industry is robust. Blue crab, oysters, flounder, and more are abundant inshore and find their way into the local restaurants. Offshore, redfish, and pelagics like wahoo and tuna commonly find themselves on the menu. One of the most significant fisheries is white shrimp. The shrimp are plentiful and have a considerable impact on the local economy. As a result of the commercial fishing industry local to the city, this is why you have so many options when it comes to the best seafood in Savannah.

Get Out And Try The Best Seafood Savannah

Lets face it, seafood restaurants Savannah are abundant. Although, many of the best restaurants in Savannah, Georgia, are situated downtown, but that does not mean they are all. Savannah restaurants downtown see a lot more activity because of the hotels and entertainment available in the city. Although the town is not on the ocean, it is on the banks of the Savannah River. Dine with a waterfront view at any of the River Stree Savannah restaurants. The area is a dining destination because of the Savannah, Georgia restaurants.

The next time you’re in town, check out the recommended restaurants offering seafood in Savannah Ga and order up your favorite seafood dish without the hassle of catching and cleaning them. Lastly, remember, I have dined at an abundance of Savannah Ga seafood restaurants and have narrowed the list down the best.