When it comes to bluewater fishing off of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, it is essential to utilize high quality trolling lures with a solid reputation. The gulf stream is abundant with big game fish; however, the run times to these waters is long. Due to the long run times, be prepared with the best lures on the market to increase your likelihood of catching fish. What are Billy Baits?

What Is Billy Bait

In 1993 American Fishing Wire developed the Billy Bait. The lures are designed with a metalhead to improve the ability to run straight when pulled behind a fishing vessel. 

The product was created in the Florida Keys and has been a staple in tackle boxes ever since its inception. While the vast majority of the lures are small, they are notorious for catching big fish. We can attest to the fact that they draw the attention of fish who consider the lure morsel. 

What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch With A Billy Bait

The trolling lure is effective for catching a wide variety of offshore species. Billfish and pelagics are included in the mix. 

Utilize Billy Bait trolling lures when targeting wahoo, tuna, dolphin, sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, and kingfish. The heads vary in design, and specific lures are more effective for particular species. 

What Type Of Billy Baits Are Available

Billy Baits offers a wide selection of options. While in some circumstances, anglers target specif species, therefore, a multitude of the same head style is utilized. However, never hesitate to mix and match a variety to determine what is most effective.

The baits vary in size and weight. One challenge faced by anglers is correctly matching lure sizes based on trolling speeds. Heavy lures require faster speeds, while small lures require slow speeds to run true. 

One of my favorites is the Billy Baits Mini Turbo Slammer. The Mini Turbo slammers are small, measuring 5.5 inches from the tip of the head to the tail of the skirt. The most highly effective color combination is the blue silver blue firetip. This lure attracts the likes of wahoo, tuna, dolphin, and sailfish. I have caught them all trolling Mini Turbo Slammers in the offshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

A second option, mainly when focusing on tuna species, including blackfin and yellowfin, is the Smoke Rattle Troll Feather. Stock the lure bag with a multitude of color options. The lure measures eight inches in length. What is unique is its ability to create a smoke trail behind the bait. The head is drilled, allowing air to pass through, generating turbidity and increasing the likelihood of strikes. 

How Do You Rig Billy Baits

While the process of rigging billy bait lures is simple, avoid rushing the process to prevent losing lures to the sea as a result of improper crimping.

What Is Needed To Rig Billy Baits

The materials and tools necessary include a crimping tool, crimps, hooks, leader line, and beads.

The hook size and leader line are highly dependent on the size of the lure. We recommend a minimum of an 80-pound leader line. Based on the line size, match the crimp accordingly. Lastly, the hook must match the size of the bait and be constructed of stainless steel. 

How Do You Rig The Bait

Rigging a billy bait is made simple by following these steps. Keep in mind, I have rigged these lures on a frequent occasions therefore I can tell you the exact process. Measure three feet of leader line and cut the section free from the spool. 

Run the leader line through the head of the lure. Position the bend of the hook at the rear of the skirt. Slide a sufficient number of beads on the line to prevent the hook from sliding towards the head. 

Utilize a crimp and crimping tool after running the leader line through the hook’s eye with the beads positioned above. Crimp firmly to complete the lower portion of the rig.

Slide a crimp on the opposite end of the leader line. Create a small loop by sliding the tail end of the leadline on the opposite side of the crimp. Squeeze the crimp closed with the crimping tool. 

The process is complete, and the lure is ready to troll. 

Are You Ready To Fish Billy Baits

Utilize Billy Baits when fishing the offshore waters of Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina. Pack Billy Baits in your tackle bag. Importantly, I can provide you with first hand experience. I personally have trolled these lures hundreds of miles across the Atlantic Ocean. These lures are highly versatile and catch a wide variety of species. They come in an abundance of head styles with varying skirt coloration. Take it from us, we know they work.