When you’re looking for a sandy beach in Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island is just a short jaunt away. If you’re visiting The Hostess City of The South, you will be sure to have a mix of city fun and island living. Just 19 miles from the center of the city lies an island with a laid back lifestyle. In Tybee Island Beach, you can find a soft sand coastline, the Tybee Island Lighthouse, a fun mix of restaurants and bars, and the Tybee Island Pier. Let us look at some of the most common questions when visiting Savannah and Tybee Island.

How Far Is Savannah From Tybee Island?

Although we answered it above, Tybee Island is situated just 19 miles from downtown Savannah. It’s a good reminder to consider how close it is because being centralized to a walking city with bars, restaurants, and the ability to walk around with alcoholic beverages can make you forget soaking up the rays on the beach.

Atlanta is a major city within the state of Georgia, filled with people looking for a coastal escape. How far is Atlanta From Tybee Island?

If you are one of them, you know we call you city folk. Ya’ll are looking to escape and set your clock to island time. While the drive is at four hours and thirty minutes, know that you are moving away from congested traffic, the early parts of the journey will be the most troublesome. Yep, Tybee Island is on island time, ask the locals. Consider it a northern Caribbean island; move at your own pace.

Tybee Island Beach -Closest Beach To Savannah

What’s Better, Tybee, or Hilton Head?

Lounge chair out looking at the sand, water, sun, and oh wait, Tybee or Hilton Head. Yes, you can see Hilton Head on the northern Tybee beaches, and if situated on the southern Hilton Head beaches, Tybee is insight. While the viewing distance is close, the time by car is about one and a half hours.

The two are far different; one might say Hilton Head is more sophisticated while Tybee is a true beach town. Each is beautiful in its own way. The Tybee Island Pier and the Tybee Island Lighthouse should be reason enough to visit. Each offers its spectacular views of what is called the Coastal Empire. Notice the Tybee Island tides and the pools they create on the sandy beaches for kids to enjoy.

What are the Best Places to Eat on Tybee Island?

When the dinner bell rings, Tybee Island has many great restaurants at your disposal. The north end or North Beach Tybee Island, as some would call it, has a lovely beach location called North Beach Bar & Grill. Head south to Tybrisa Street, this is what most consider Main Street. Lined with parking Tybrisa Street offers a mix of fun cocktail bars to wet your whistle, restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Here, everyone’s palate will be satisfied from pizza to sushi, and price ranges to suit all budgets.

Of course, lodging expenses should be taken into consideration. Is Tybee Island Expensive?

Lodging is all relative based on what you feel comfortable with in addition to where the hotel or vacation rental is located, and the season that you prefer. As with anywhere, each of these travel plans will need to be determined based on budget. Expect high prices in the peak travel seasons between May and September. However, Saint Patricks Day in Downtown Savannah is one of the largest parties. Partygoers travel from around the globe to enjoy what savannah has to offer. Hotels near and far book out well in advance.

The great thing about Tybee Island is that it offers fun-filled entertainment for all age groups.  No matter what you’re looking for, the area has you covered. Come by car or by plane to Savannah International Airport. Ya’ll will be glad to adjust to island time.