Fortunately, the shores of North Carolina are jammed packed with opportunities to go pier fishing. A fishing pier is an excellent opportunity for both a novice angler and well-seasoned fisherman to catch fish without renting a boat or paying for a fishing charter. It will be important to locate the closest fishing pier to me and this can be done by searching the internet. Whether you’re a local or in town on vacation, what do you bring when pier fishing in North Carolina?

15 Things For Pier Fishing

Are you in need of saltwater pier fishing tips? Our tips come in the form of what you will want to have on hand. These are our top 15 things you will need while pier fishing in North Carolina to catch fish and protect yourself.

1)      How Do You Find A Place To Go Pier Fishing

One of the best ways to find a place to go pier fishing is by searching the internet on your phone, computer, or device, in the search box, type fishing pier near me for a complete list of the options around you.

2)      Rods and Reels

Don’t go fancy. Yes, some anglers will be well equipped with fishing carts stocked with the best rod for pier fishing. The best rods are heavy surf fishing combinations, weights, hooks, and bait. For the novice, don’t worry about your rod and reel. Bring what you have and fish in the area closest to the beach when pier fishing to catch fish.

3)      Bait For Pier Fishing

Depending on how experienced the angler is, squid is the best bait to avoid having the hook robbed before the fish is on the line. When it comes to the best pier fishing bait experienced fisherman prefers live shrimp, frozen shrimp, baitfish, or crabs.

4)      What Is The Cost To Go Pier Fishing In North Carolina

A pier typically charges a person based on the number of rods they will be using. Adults can expect to spend up to twenty dollars when fishing with two rods for the day. Children come at a lower rate per rod. If you don’t have your gear, most North Carolina piers will rent you a rod and reel for an additional fee.

5)      Fishing License

Many fishing piers come with a blanket license in which you are covered when you pay your per rod fee. Check with the pier before you venture out onto fishing. In the event you need a North Carolina saltwater fishing license, they can be purchased online.

6)      What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch

Many different fish species can be caught when fishing from a pier. Some of the larger varieties include kingfish, tarpon, and many different sharks. Smaller catches include flounder, sea trout, redfish, sheepshead, black drum, and croaker.

7)      What Is Pier Fishing Etiquette

Pier fishing etiquette is crucial. Many fishermen are residents who participate in fishing from piers daily. Do not crowd into someone’s space. There is ample room. Be highly cautious when casting. Look both behind and out into the water. Avoid burying a hook into someone’s skin as they walk behind you, and don’t cross other anglers lines. Keep this on the top of your mind when it comes to tips for pier fishing.

8)      How Do You Identify Pier Fish

It’s always important to know how to identify the fish you catch for multiple reasons. Most piers will have literature on coastal fish identification. If they do not, search saltwater fish of North Carolina and print it out. Identifying fish will let you determine what type of fish to keep or throwback and which may be dangerous to handle, such as rays and sharks.

9)      What Is a Pier Net Or Hoop Net

The surface of the pier is a long way from the water. Fish can be lost if they are not netted. A pier net or hoop net is a bucket style with a long rope to reach the water from the pier. Hooked fish can be scooped up with the net. If you don’t have one, most piers will have them available and if not, ask a fellow angler for help.

10)  Why Should You Bring Pliers When Pier Fishing

Fishing pliers should always be brought with you each and every time. Pliers help removed lodged hooks, assist in remaining safe with toothy species to keep your hands clear, and the line can be cut in the event of a snag.

11)  How Do You Know What North Carolinas Fishing Regulations Are

Most piers will post the regulations but it’s not a bad idea to use your phone as a reference or print out a saltwater regulations sheet. North Carolina Environmental Quality has a reference sheet available.

12)  Can The Fish Be Kept When Pier Fishing

As long as the fish are of legal size, the season is open, and you do not exceed the quantity limit, then yes, fish can be kept when casting from a pier in North Carolina.

13)  Why Should You Bring A Measuring Tape Measure

A measuring tape should be packed in a tackle box. Remember, the measuring tape will come in handy to measure the size of the fish that are caught. In doing so, you can determine if they are of legal size to keep.

14)  How Do You Store Keeper Fish When Fishing In North Carolina

The sun can beat down on both you and your catch. Bring along cooler with ice to prevent the flesh from spoiling. Without proper storage, all of your fish will go to waste, and you can become sick from eating it.

15)  What If I Don’t Have A Kitchen To Cook My Fish

Fortunately for those who do not have a kitchen, many restaurants will cook up your fresh catch. Some piers have a restaurant, inquire if they offer cooking up anglers fresh catch. If the pier does not, call or ask around for restaurants that provide this service. The meal typically includes cooking the fish and a side or two for a set price.

Tips Don’t Always Mean How To Catch More Fish

Remember, tips come in many forms. However, never leave the house, hotel, vacation rental, or campground unprepared. I have had the opportunity to fish piers extensively therefore, I know what you need to make your day more pleasant. Furthermore, not only will you catch more fish, but you will appear as a well-seasoned professional as compared to pier fishing for beginners. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun.