Situated in northern Georgia, just northeast of Atlanta, is Lake Lanier. The lake is well known for fishing because of the many species that lurk beneath the surface. Some of these include many species of bass, panfish, catfish, trout, and even walleye. It is a top-rated fishing destination for resident anglers and those traveling in from out of state. When you’re in the vicinity of Lake Lanier, the question always remains, how to find a tackle shop near me because a fishing store Atlanta is a bit of a drive.

Most Common Ways To Finding A Local Tackle Shop Near Lake Lanier

Here is a guide to locating the best local tackle stores near me in the areas around Lake Lanier. The lake has an expansive shoreline; therefore, it is important to narrow down tackle near me rather than driving unnecessarily thus keeping you off the water.

Internet Search

The internet is the most straightforward way to find a tackleshop near me in the Lake Lanier vacinity. With handheld devices, the most up to date information can be at your fingertips.

To successfully find a tackle shop using the internet, search tackle shops near me when you’re in the area you want to find one.

To plan ahead of time, search the lake’s name and tackle shop for the best results. Most often, planning before the trip is best.

Word of Mouth

Friends and family may have recently made a trip to the lake and are an excellent resource to gather information. Ask them if they used a tackle shop in the Lake Lanier area and if they found what they were looking for.

When you arrive at Lake Lanier, consult the campground attendant, hotel receptionist, marina, or fellow fisherman. Some of the best advice comes from those who are local to the area because they follow the fishing patterns year after year.

Fishing Forums

Much like an internet search, fishing forums are also a great way to gather information. Forums are often available for specific lakes. Anglers will post recent reports, tackle shops they prefer, and other pertinent details that will help you on your adventure.

What are the three best tackle shops near Lake Lanier

Oakwood Bait & Tackle

This shop has a long history. Oakwood Bait and Tackle was established in 2008, and they specialize in Lake Lanier fishing.

The company will help educate the most novice fisherman while having many products for some of the most advanced anglers. They offer a complete line of fishing tackle.

The most significant thing about Oakwood Bait & Tackle shop is that they offer live bait from shiners to crickets and almost everything in between. Give them a call at 770-965-9400.

Buford Damn Bait & Tackle

The tackle and bait shop is located right next to a gas station to load the boat up with gas and pick up bait and tackle at the same time. The combination of the two makes it an ideal destination when you’re in need of a tackle shop near me.

Buford Damn Bait & Tackle has a good variety of rods, reels, combinations, and tackle. They are known for having a good selection of bass and panfish lures and gear. Don’t be afraid to ask the attendant for tips. The store employees remain in the loop as to not only what type of fish are biting but what type of bait or lure to present.

Much like Oakwood Bait & Tackle, Buford Damn Bait & Tackle also has live bait. Call them to inquire about available bait and hours. The number is 706-429-7211.

The Outdoor Depot

This outdoor shop has been around since 2010. They primarily sell hunting equipment but do also have a good selection of fishing gear.

If you leave anything back home you’ll need to find a tackle store near me. Stop in The Outdoor Depot for rods, reels, lures, and fishing line. They specialize in equipment for trout, bass, brim, and catfish.

Keep in mind that The Outdoor Depot does not offer live bait. See if they have what you’re missing by calling 770-539-9356.

Time To Find A Tackle Shops Near Me At Lake Lanier

The Lake Lanier has no shortage of tackle and bait shops. By searching Tackle shops near me, you will likely find the best tackle shops near me within close proximity to where you’re staying. It is more than likely you will need to stock up on bait and bring along the rest. Lake Lanier provides excellent angling opportunities for fishermen of all ages.