As a boat owner and captain, I preferred to keep some fishing gear aboard my vessel at all times. The primary reason for leaving some items on the boat is so that you don’t forget them back home. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving gear at the house that was important to my day of fishing. Here are 10 things to store on your fishing boat at all times.  

Fishing Pliers

One of the most important pieces of equipment to leave aboard your boat at all times is a pair of fishing pliers. 

Fishing pliers serve a multitude of purposes, but most importantly, they are critical for removing hooks from fish’s mouths. 

With that said, make sure that you keep pliers on the boat. However, they should be stored in an area where they are not exposed to the elements. 

Knife For Cutting Bait

When it comes to fishing, I use a couple of different knives for varying purposes. First, a short-bladed knife comes in handy for chopping cut bait. The knife is often housed on a cutting board mounted to the boat

Secondly, I use a multitude of fillet knives based on the size of the fish. Importantly, I do not stow the fillet knives on the boat. Instead I travel to and from the house with fillet knives. 

Hook Sharpener

As an avid saltwater angler, I often have to swap out hooks or run them along a sharpener. No question about it: you’re going to want to have a sharp hook when fishing in salt or fresh water. 

The sharpener can be small in size. No need to have a bulky stone that is challenging to store. Having one on hand will allow you to sharpen up hook tips at a moments notice. 

Fishing Net Or Gaff

Depending on where I am fishing, I use either a gaff or a fishing net. Unfortunately, fish are lost boatside because a gaff or net is left behind on the dock or back home. 

With that said, make sure to keep a net, gaff, or both on the boat at all times so you don’t miss out on landing a nice fish. 

Polarized Sunglasses

I enjoy wearing a quality pair of sunglasses when I go fishing or boating. While it is imperative to protect your eyes, you can take it a step further and pick the proper lenses to see beneath the surface. 

For this reason, you should keep a pair of polarized sunglasses on the boat. The glasses will better help you to spot fish or navigate through shallow waters. 

Gloves To Handle Fish

Anglers are required to handle fish, and one way to better grip them is by wearing fishing gloves. 

Fishing gloves, which are typically rubber-coated, reduce the chances of dropping fish. Every fishing boat should have a pair of fishing gloves. However, remember to clean and dry them before stowing them in a closed compartment. 

Scale To Measure The Weight Of Fish

Often, anglers want bragging rights when it comes to disclosing the weight of fish that were caught. 

In order to have bragging rights you’ll want to have a weight scale on the fishing boat. The scale can be digital and small in size for storage purposes. 

Measuring Tape To Determine The Length Of Fish

I prefer to keep fish that I catch to cook and serve for dinner. Remember, you’ll need a measuring device to confirm that you’re keeping a fish of legal size. 

Importantly, the measuring device can come in many forms, including a stick-on, measuring tape, or ruler. Decide what is best for you and your boat. 

Fishing License

It is not uncommon to be stopped by authorities who are confirming that the anglers onboard are properly licensed. 

In order to avoid fines, make sure to keep your fishing license on the boat instead of in your vehicle or home. However, stow the license in a dry location so that it does not become damaged. 

Sun Protection

The suns harmful rays can quickly to damage to the skin. The sun reflecting off of the water further intensifies the level of exposure. 

No question about it; sunscreen must be kept on the vessel at all times. Sunburn will quickly ruin a fun day on the water. 

Store These 10 Items On Your Fishing Boat

Don’t be left without all of the critical fishing gear that you need on each and every fishing trip. Take it from me: your day will run far more smoothly if you have this equipment onboard. No sense in having to lug items back and forth to the boat when you can simply keep them on the vessel.