We have all seen jet skiers skimming along the surface of the water, but few of us have the opportunity to experience the watersport. Residents and tourists alike must head out on the waters to take in the skyline, marsh, and wildlife views. Take advantage of the numerous jet ski rental companies throughout greater Charleston. Try jetskiing in Charleston through these great companies. 

Is Jetskiing Safe?

Personal watercraft like jet skis do pose risks to their riders. The riders endure a significant amount of pounding and risk falling off into the water. As a result, injuries do occur. To avoid harming the body, maintain slower speeds and avoid large waves and sharp turns. 

What Is The Cost To Go Jetskiing

The cost to rent a jet ski or waverunner for an hour is 90 dollars. Should you chose to bump it up to a full day, expect to pay $500. However, half-day rentals are also available. 

Whatever option you chose, ensure that you remain on the water for the duration because it will result in money being thrown away. Lastly, the majority of companies do not allow changing riders. 

Checkout These Great Jetskiing Rentals In Charleston

The next time you’re looking to rent a jet ski or wave runner in the Charleston area check out these great watersport companies.

Hydrofly Watersports

Check out the jetskiing area on Isle Of Palms through Hydrofly Watersports. The rental comes with a life jacket so remember to bring sunscreen and properly secured sunglasses to avoid losing the glasses.

All riders eighteen years of age and older may ride independently; however, those between sixteen and eighteen require a signature from a parent.

Tidal Wave Watersports

For all who live or are staying downtown, Tidal Wave Watersports is the way to go. Get on the action of checking out the downtown skyline while departing from the northeastern side of the peninsula just across from Charleston Harbor. 

Keep in mind that operators must be at least 16 years of age and 18 and over to accommodate a guest.

Should you be looking to save money, book a trip between Monday and Thursday to help reduce costs. 

Dolphin Water Sports

The best thing about Dolphin Water Sports is that they will come to wherever you are staying. Isle Of Palms, Charleston Harbor, Folly Beach, Kiawah, Seabrook Island, Edisto Island, Sullivans Island, or Charleston harbor all have available options. 

Make sure to book the correct location for the right day, or else it will cost a substantial amount of money.

What Should You Bring On A Jetskiing Rental

The most crucial element to spending time in the sun while jetskiing is protecting your skin; therefore, the skin must remain protected. 


Apply sunscreen to you and your children before heading out on the water. Skin burns are painful and can lead to dangerous situations down the road for our future generations.

Head Covering

Pop a hat on your head to reduce the number of UV rays penetrating your skin. Beyond sun rays, hats will keep the glair from entering your eye when driving the rental about the inland waterways and sea. 


Between the wind and the sun, the body becomes quickly dehydrated. Bring along bottles of water or other hydrating drinks to replenish the body. Dehydration is a serious matter and will sneak up rapidly. 

Book A Jetskiing Rental Near Me In Charleston, South Carolina

One of the best areas to jetski in the southeast is Charleston. Here, the inland waters extend for miles on end, leaving plenty of space to explore. Enter into Shem Creek for a bite to eat or glance at the city from a different perspective. Most importantly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see a dolphin. Hop on a Charleston jetskiing rental.