What could be more fun than escaping the shore and splashing around in the waters on a jet ski. Tybee Island, Georgia, a short ride from downtown Savannah offers the opportunity to get out on the salty sea with hourly jet ski rentals. Tybee is much like a tropical getaway. The beaches are spacious and seaside restaurants and bars are found on the southern and north ends. How do you go about renting jet skis on Tybee Island.

When To Rent A Jet Ski On Tybee? 

First off is to consider the time of year you are looking to plan a trip. While the winters are far milder than the northern states, some days can be bitter cold. Additionally, take into account the water temperature. Yes, you’re going to get splashed and likely take a dip in the ocean. In the coldest winter months, the water temps hover in the mid-fifties. During the summer, bask in the comfortable eighty-degree range. Temperatures are a major factor in choosing when to take advantage of a jet ski rental Savannah ga.

The best time of year ranges between May and October. However, consider that these are the busiest time of year as well. Availability may be limited when you’re looking for jet ski rentals Savannah and Tybee.

Do you need to have experience driving a Waverunner?

No experience is necessary; an instructor is on hand to give you a basic understanding of operating the vessel safely. 

What Is Required To Rent A Jet Ski?

  1. A valid driver’s license.
  2. Must be a minimum of 18 years old to rent. 
  3. A passenger can drive if they are over 16 years old and possess a license. 
  4. Children five and up are allowed on board; however, they must sit behind the driver.
  5. Georgia Law requires the renter to watch a short video.

Alcohol and drugs don’t mix with running a jet ski. If the person attempting to rent is deemed to be under the influence, they will be denied the right and will not be refunded.

Another common concern is what happens if the Waverunner is damaged when you take advantage of a jet ski rental Savannah.

The lessor of the jet ski is responsible for paying for both repairs and loss of service. Although it is highly unlikely anything will happen, it’s good to be aware of it. 

What Should You Wear When You’re Out Jet Skiing?

You need to wear a bathing suit or other clothing form that you don’t mind being soaked in seawater. 

Be aware of the following:

  1. While we want to protect our eyes from the sun, sunglasses are easily lost.
  2. Put sunscreen on beforehand. The reflection of the sun on the water can cause nasty burns.
  3. Much like sunglasses, hats are easily blown off, but you may be able to recover it.

What Is The Cost To Rent A Waverunner Tybee Island Georgia?

For the most part, Tybee Island jet ski rentals are billed by the hour. The cost can vary based on the company you are renting from. Also, two-seaters and single-seaters are priced at different rates. Ask around for rates and look for coupons.

Average Tybee Island jet ski rental hourly rates-

Single seater- $105.00

Double seater- $129.00

Regarding Tybee Island jet ski rental prices, consider splitting the fee with a friend or family member if you request a two-seater. Splitting the hourly rate will make the experience more affordable.

The question that comes up often is how long I should rent a jet ski?

A Waverunner is a rough ride if you’re aggressive with chasing waves and maneuvering. To put it simply, a combination of the sun and pounding will wear you down quickly. Rent for an hour but ask about availability with the jet ski rental Tybee Island if you want to increase the time.

What Is The Best Jet Ski Rental Businesses On The Island?

We will take the hassle out of finding jet ski rentals near me. Tybee Jetski & Watersports are true professionals. Give them a call or book your adventure on the website.

Next time you’re headed to Tybee Island check out the savannah jet ski rental options including Tybee. Take advantage of the opportunity to add a jet ski rental to your plans. The area has an abundance of dolphins, so you are likely to see them cruising by or playing in the wake. Just getting out on the water in itself can be a relaxing experience and allow you to see things from a completely different perspective. Remember to book ahead during the busiest of months. Have fun!