One of the fastest-growing watersports in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is standup paddleboarding. Paddleboarders venture out on both freshwater and coastal regions in these three states. The biggest issue paddleboard owners run into are ways to store the large board and paddle. Consider these key reasons to purchasing a paddleboard rack.

What Happens When A Paddleboard Is Stored In High Traffic Areas

Unfortunately, paddleboards that are not stored on a rack and left on the ground in high traffic areas become easily damaged.

As we move about our homes in daily life, boards stored in our paths are kicked, stepped on, and bumped. Bumping into paddleboards results in dings in everything except inflatables, broken tail fins, and scratches.

Keep the boards off the ground and away from foot traffic to prevent the costly sporting equipment from breaking.

How Does A Paddleboard Rack Save Space

The most significant advantage to purchasing a paddleboard rack is saving space. In addition, racks reduce the risk of dings and breaks.

Take a look in your home, garage, or outdoor area for places to stow a paddleboard on a rack. By storing the board on a stand, it will be out of the way and, most importantly, off the ground. 

When a rack is mounted, utilize the space above or below the paddleboard for shelving or furniture. 

What Is the Best Area To Stow A Paddleboard On A Rack

The best areas to stow a paddleboard on a rack are in areas with low light conditions. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to the color and finish. Therefore, mount the stand where the gear will not receive direct sunlight.

In addition to sun damage, theft is also a concern. Due to space constraints, inside of home’s boards are typically stored outdoors. 

To deter the paddleboard or boards from becoming a victim of theft, mount the rack in an area of low visibility to passing traffic. The best location to retain your investment is on the rear of a home, away from the road and sidewalk. The sides and fronts of houses are at the highest risk for theft. 

 What Does a Paddleboard Rack Cost

Fortunately, paddleboard racks are low in cost. A single board mount comes at the lowest price, while those which hold multiple paddleboards are higher in cost. 

The rack mounting options include the following; ceiling hung, wall, or floor stand models. Expect to pay between $30 for a single rack and over $200 for a multi-board stand with all the bells and whistles. 

Where Can A Paddleboard Rack Be Purchased

Racks for paddleboards can be purchased online or in retail stores. Concerns arise when determining if the mount is the right fit for the location. In this situation, stop at a shop, browse the selection and measure the fit. 

The best place to purchase online is Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of racks in varying price ranges. Most important, the shipping is fast to get your board up and off the ground before it is damaged.

Dick’s Sporting Goods stores are widely distributed across the United States. The brick-and-mortar locations have a large selection of paddleboard racks to see in person. 

Whether you’re in a pinch and need something quick or have time to shop around, these two retailers are your best bet. 

Time To Get Your Board Up Off The Ground And On A Rack

Stop wasting unnecessary space in your home and get the board off the ground. Paddleboards are high ticket sporting equipment. Don’t throw money away on the hard earned invetment. Take caution when securing the rack to the wall or ceiling to be sure it will not come lose and fall. Storage systems pay off.